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Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 311 by desirenovel

Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 311 by desirenovel

“But Maisie, I can only remind you that your life will be in danger at any time if you continue to stay with Nolan. Not because of anything, but because of the Goldmanns’ special bloodline.”

Ryleigh sat in the living room drinking fresh milk and waited for about 20 minutes, not knowing what her Aunt Larissa would say t o Zee.

Just as she took a sip of milk, she noticed a dark silhouette approaching. When she looked up, the corners of her curved lips sank instantly

The tall man looked at her condescendingly. “It’s you?”

The man gave off a hint of disgust through his slanted eyes when he saw that there were still white milk stains on her lips.

He thought that his mother was about to introduce some random woman to him back at home again, and that idea really scared him for good.

“What makes you think that I want to come to your house? If it weren’t for Zee, 1–”Ryleigh was about to say something when she heard footsteps coming downstairs. Soon, she saw Maisie’s figure, so she put down her mug and stood up.

“Zee, have you done talking to Aunt Larissa?”

Maisie saw that Louis was also in the living room and only nodded at him.

Ryleigh pushed away Louis, who was standing in her way, and approached Maisie. She was worried when she saw that Maisie’s expression looked a little off. “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.” Maisie forced a smile.

Louis walked toward them, and his gaze landed on Maisie’s face. “I thought you would never come to see my mother.”

“I only want to know more about my mother. And now that I know everything that I want and should know, I should take my leave already.” Maisie’s tone sounded polite from start to finish as she walked away.

Ryleigh followed her. “Zee, wait for me!”

Louis stood there and watched as the two women walked out of the door, frowning slightly.

Inside the car, Maisie stared absentmindedly at the scenery along the street outside the window.

‘Apart from knowing the reason why Mom left the de Armas back then, even Aunt Larissa doesn’t know much about the affairs between the Goldmanns and the de Armas.

‘But what Aunt Larissa said was undoubtedly a genuine piece of advice. Nolan did also mention that the Goldmanns are related to the royal family as Titus is the child of the princess of Stoslo and his great-grandfather. This bloodline will always be regarded as a disgrace to the royal family.

‘And will it really be dangerous if I were to choose to be with Nolan?’

“Zee!” Ryleigh’s voice pulled Maisie out of her trance.

Maisie was taken aback.

Ryleigh had already pulled the car over on the side of the road to take a look at her. “Zee, I just asked you something!”

“Sorry, I didn’t hear you.”

“What in the world did Aunt Larissa tell you just now to make you feel so restless? And I also asked you where you want to go now!” Ryleigh paused for a split second and then continued. “Do you want me to bring you back to the studio?”

‘Bring me back to the studio?

‘But I’m feeling extremely agitated now. I might not even be able to come up with any ideas even if I were to go back to the studio now. Everything that’s happened ever since I came back from the training camp has really made me feel very stressed and uncomfortable.’

She leaned her elbow against the car window and stared at the colorful and noisy streets. “Let’s go and grab a drink.”

At Dusk Lounge…

Under the dazzling lights, compared to the relatively deserted bar counter, the center of the dance floor was filled with young men and women from all walks of life, dancing and twisting their problems away.

“Zee, why would you think of coming out for a drink? Did Aunt Larissa say something that upset you?” Ryleigh knew that Maisie had never been to a lounge since she got pregnant. It seemed that she was in a really bad mood.

Maisie supported her head with one hand and shook the wine glass in between her two fingers. “My mother did not die of cancer, but even Mrs. Lucas doesn’t know the cause of her death. As for the matter between the de Armas and the Goldmanns, it’s way too complicated. She doesn’t even know anything about it.”

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