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Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 307 by desirenovel

Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 307 by desirenovel

Nolan turned his head to look at her, and then he was dumbfounded.

Maisie was wearing his white shirt that could barely cover her thighs. Her long hair cascaded down her back, and the loose sleeves completely covered her hands. She left her collar marginally opened, giving Nolan a chance to take a glimpse at the view within.

He knew she was a mischievous little darling, but he did not expect the sight of her wearing his shirt would be such an intense torment to him.

“Is the dinner ready, Nolan? I’m hungry,” Maisie said. She flung the sleeves weakly as she walked up to the table to get some water. Nolan clicked his tongue and tumed the heat lower. He approached Maisie and secured her in his embrace. Lifting his brows, he asked, “You’re hungry again?”

Maisie’s hand that was holding the glass trembled.

It was only when her stomach growled that Nolan chuckled and tousled her hair. “I’m just joking with you. The dinner is ready.”

Nolan brought their dinner to the table. He had prepared a soup and a plate of spaghetti for both of them.

Maisie lifted her head to look at the man who sat in front of her. Even though there was a wound on his face, he still looked as handsome and regal as always. Even though he was cooking just now, the oil and the dirt seemed not to have the slightest effect on his handsomeness.

Maisie was confident that he must be God’s darling. That’s why He made him into such a perfect being.

“Nolan, you purposely didn’t prepare any clothes for me, right?” she asked with a pout as she picked up the fork. The comer of Nolan’s lips.curled upward, and he replied, “I already told you that you’re here to keep me, the patient, company.”

“It has been half a month since I last went to the studio. I wonder how everything is going in the studio now,” Maisie said. She was worried that Uncle Kennedy couldn’t cope with the work.

Nolan took a bite of the spaghetti and said, “Don’t worry. I’ve always had someone take care of Soul Jewelry Studio.”

Maisie’s eyelashes quivered. “So you… You’re not going back to the Goldmann mansion anymore?”

“I’ve wanted to move out for a long time,” Nolan replied, a smile playing around his lips. “After all, it’s not convenient for us to do something that only a couple could do when there are outsiders around.”

‘Something that only a couple could do…’

Maisie had no idea why, but she did not have a good feeling about it.

Maisie did not know how she made it through the three days and three nights after she was forced to stay with Nolan in the villa.

She did not even have the energy to get off the bed, so Nolan brought her into the bathroom in his arms to get her washed.

Maisie did not care about anything anymore after both of them had seen each other’s naked bodies for the past three days. He brought her into the bathroom naked and took her out, wrapped in a bath towel.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Nolan let her lay on his lap and used the hairdryer to dry her hair.

He ran his fingers over her hair. Her hair was smooth and soft, with the fragrance of shampoo. It was obvious that she had put a lot of effort into maintaining her hair, as there were barely any split ends.

Nolan lowered his head to look at Maisie, whose eyes were fighting to stay open and slowed down his movements.

She had completely let go of her past preconceptions about him and dropped her guard against him. Not only that, but she was also accustomed to being close to him, and she even had started to show her feminine side in front of him. If he were given the ability to stop the time, he would stop it at that moment.

Suddenly, his phone rang, and Maisie jerked up.

When Nolan saw that it was his father calling, he answered the call, “Yes?”

“Did you run away from the house with your wife?”

Nolan lifted his hand to rub the center of his eyebrows and replied, “We just moved out of the mansion.”

Nicholas harrumphed and said, “Give the phone to Zee.”

Nolan handed the phone to Maisie, and Maisie was stunned. However, she soon came around and took over the phone. “Mr. Goldmann?”

“Zee, I’ve already learned about the whole story. I hope you can forgive Nolan’s grandfather. I know he’s very stubborn, but I didn’t expect him to have such deep-rooted prejudice toward the royals, especially the de Arma family.”

Nicholas lowered his voice and continued. “Although your mother is one of the de Armas, you can’t represent the de Armas. The thing that happened between the de Armas and the Goldmanns is a thing of the past. Don’t worry, I will always support you guys. Even if his grandfather is against you, you’re the one and only daughter-in-law I approve of.”

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