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Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 297 by desirenovel

Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 297 by desirenovel

Maisie wanted to sit up, but Nolan hurriedly supported her with a worried expression. “Zee, how are you feeling now.”

Maisie looked at Nolan. The man had not slept for two nights, so his face looked a little exhausted while stubble was already starting to appear on his face. Although he looked a little disordered, it did not affect his appearance. “I’m feeling much better. I don’t feel any discomfort.” Maisie retracted her gaze. She sounded as if she had only fallen asleep.

She then remembered something and asked, “By the way, my assessment results….”.

“You still care about your results?” Nolan frowned slightly and lowered his tone as if he was reprimanding a child. “Do your grades matter more than your life? “It seems that I have to punish those who organized the assessment. They’ve failed to implement good enough protective measures.” Seeing Nolan get up from his seat, Maisie stretched out her hand and grabbed the hem of his sleeve. “Sit down. You’re not allowed to leave.”

Nolan’s gaze landed on her slightly awkward face.

‘It’s obvious that she wants to act coquettishly, but how can the whole thing feel so arrogant?’

“Shouldn’t there be a magic word?” For some reason, Nolan wanted to tease her. “Please.” Maisie played along with him.

Nolan was caught off guard and was rendered speechless. Cherie cleared her throat. Although she really did not want to be the third wheel in the room and spoil the atmosphere, she still had to get down to business with the couple. “Well, Maisie, since you’ve awakened, it just so happens we have yet to resolve the matter related to Wynona.”

“What happened to Wynona?” Maisie stared at Cherie. Cherie scratched her cheeks and explained, “We’ve apprehended the person who released the venomous snake. He claimed that Wynona was the person who instigated him to do so. Hence, we’ve locked Wynona away for two days and interrogated her, but she hasn’t admitted to anything.” ‘Wynona is the person who instigated the culprit into releasing the venomous snake?’ Maisie lowered her eyes and pursed her lips while she was thinking about something.

Nolan’s eyes were clear and cold. “Just turn to other methods if she doesn’t want to concede. D o so until she spills everything.”

‘Other methods…’

Cherie was well aware of the methods that Nolan was referring to, but using those methods

against such a young lady was indeed a little inappropriate. After all, they were quite inhumane. Maisie opened her mouth suddenly and requested, “I want to meet Wynona.”

Cherie brought Maisie to the interrogation room to see Wynona, and Nolan followed along because he was worried about her.

Light shone into the interrogation room the moment they opened the door to the room, and the group of people saw Wynona lying in a pool of blood with a bloody knife in her hand. Maisie was stupefied, and Nolan immediately lifted his hand to cover her eyes. “Don’t look.” With that being said, he turned his head and said to Cherie, “Call the police and summon those who were interrogated this morning to come and see me.” Several police cars drove into the training camp, and Wynona’s corpse was put into a body bag and brought out. The onlookers’ expressions turned solemn when they heard that Wynona had committed suicide in the interrogation room. Hans and Cherie said something to the police officers, and the police left after taking some notes.

Standing in the crowd, Francisco did not expect that Wynona would commit suicide. Although he did not like Wynona, it was a pity that she had ended her life just like this.

Maisie sat on the hospital bed, her eyes looking gloomy and indifferent. She may have had a personal grudge with Wynona, but she had already used the recording of Wynona the day she exposed it to the public. She did not expect that Wynona would slit her neck to commit suicide.

‘Cherie mentioned that she had locked Wynona away for two days without giving her any food or drinks, but she still couldn’t make her admit that she was the one who had asked for the viper to be released.

‘Even though I don’t know Wynona very well, judging from her demeanor of a cowardly bully, she would have given up and confessed in the face of such a situation if she were truly the person who’s plotted the whole scheme.’

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