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Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 293 by desirenovel

Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 293 by desirenovel

Maisie checked through her rifle and magazine before going on the field. After she ascertained that there was nothing wrong with them, she stepped into the field.

“It seems like the world is really small. We’re back in the same group again.” The person standing next to her was none other than Logan. The instructor decided the grouping. He just randomly assorted them into groups regardless o f their seniority, so it was totally fate that brought them together. Maisie laughed bitterly and said, “It seems like heaven is really not going to let me get this done in an easy way.”

Logan harrumphed and replied, “I’m not going to lose this time.”

The sharp crack of gunfire tore through the air. The bullets flew across the air and landed on their target like raindrops. The instructor recorded each group member’s performance, in which Logan had the best performance. She reloaded the bullets with smooth movements, practiced and calm.

Logan had been in the training camp for two years, and she was well acquainted with firearms. Her outstanding performance was expected, but there was someone out of his expectations. For an inexperienced newcomer who had never had any training before, he thought she would have a hard time dealing with the rest of the assessments after winning the ring fight by luck

However, little did he expect that both her posture and the way she held the gun were on point. She was focused throughout the entire process and did not panic at all. At the end of the assessment, the instructor ordered someone to check and record the results.

After that, the instructor announced the results. Out of the five people, two were eliminated for failing to reach 30 rounds, leaving Logan, Maisie, and another girl in the group.

“Rosalie Axelson, 35 rounds, pass.”

“Logan Heinrich, 46 rounds, excellent.” A round of applause erupted from the members at the back. “Maisie Vanderbilt…” The instructor paused and looked at Maise while the rest of the people waited with bated breaths for him to release her result.

“46 rounds, excellent.”

As soon as he finished speaking, an exclamation rang out from his back. “She scored the same result as Logan!”

“How is that possible? How did she do it?” “I’m sure that she didn’t cheat. Everyone was watching her. She’s really awesome!” Sitting at the side, Cherie smacked Hans’s back excitedly and said, “Hans, you didn’t even pass

when you first entered the training camp. Maisie is so much better than you!” 1

Hans opened his mouth but did not say anything. ‘How can you compare me to her?’ He had only been 10 years old when he entered the training camp, and he took the assessment when he was 15. It was normal that he had not passed it…

The next assessment was 100 yards of 10 rounds of continuous shooting. It was much harder a s they were required to hit a target three times with three or more bullets per shot in less than two minutes.

Maisie laid in a prone position behind a rifle. After hitting six targets, she felt something crawling over her leg. She turned her head around to check it, and then her face turned pale. A pit viper was slithering over her leg, slowly approaching Logan. “Logan, stay still!” Maisie hissed as she grabbed Logan’s shoulder. When Logan turned her head around to look at Maisie, she sensed something and made eye contact with the pit viper. Even though Logan was tough, she couldn’t resist her natural instinct and tried to run away. The pit viper was frightened and lunged itself toward Logan. “Ah!”

Just when the pit viper pounced at Logan, Maisie drew her knife and stabbed it into the snake’s body. After that, she pushed Logan away, and the snake, which had broken free from its constraint, leaped and bit on the back of her hand.

The instructor and Hans dashed forward and kicked the snake away. When the girls that were closer saw the dead snake, they all backed up and screamed in fear.

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