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Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 290 by desirenovel

Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 290 by desirenovel

Maisie saw Raven, who was with Wynona, among the crowd.

Wynona saw Maisie, who was standing alone among the people and couldn’t help but smile. “I thought you had some tricks up your sleeve. Looks like it was just Mr. Goldmann’s help all along.”

Raven didn’t dare look at Maisie. Although she hadn’t spread the rumor, Maisie still chose to hide things from her even when she asked her about it.

Maisie didn’t see her as a friend, so why should she still care?

When Wynona noticed that Maisie was looking at Raven, she put her arm around her shoulder and smiled. “How do you feel when even Rye doesn’t believe in you? A woman who goes around seducing men when she already has kids has no place here!”

Everyone was shocked when Wynona said that.

“What? She has kids?”

“She looks young. Do you think it was before she was married?”

“I guess she might not even know who the father is!”

The gossipping surrounded her. Maisie didn’t show any emotions because she was so used to being the center of gossip. This was nothing to her.

Wynona started panicking because Maisie didn’t cause a scene. “Why are you staring at me? Everyone is talking about you. How could you still stand around here?” Everyone’s eyes were on Maisie while she nonchalantly crossed her arms and said, “You were the one who spread the rumors?” “So what if I was? Would you dare say nothing is going on between you and Mr. Goldmann?”

Wynona was extremely confident, as if she had managed to trap Maisie. “Weren’t you with Mr. Goldmann when you went to the private room upstairs the other day? Rye told me that Mr. Goldmann told you to see Cherie on the day of your assessment. That explains the marks on your neck that I saw!”

Everyone’s impression of Maisie turned bad, especially when Wynona sounded believable. They all started suspecting whether Maisie was actually involved in some unspeakable acts.

Wynona wasn’t afraid to blow things up. “Mr. Goldmann belongs to Rowena. Who are you to try and take him away from her? That’s why Rowena said you were sent here because you were seducing other people’s men.”

“Haha, so Rowena was the one who told you?”

Wynona looked a little guilty, probably because of how cool Maisie was, but she stood firm. “Don’t you know what kind of relationship Mr. Goldmann has with Rowena? “That makes sense. A woman with children like you who would still get involved with people

wouldn’t possibly care if Mr. Goldmann was with someone else.”

Wynona firmly believed that Nolan and Rowena were the perfect match. Maisie was just a nobody.

Maisie suddenly burst out laughing.

Wynona’s face turned blue. “What are you laughing about?”

“Let’s make a bet, Wynona.” Maisie crossed her arms and raised her chin a little, “If you can get Rowena to admit to me that she is in a relationship with Mr. Goldman, I will kneel in front of you. But if she doesn’t, Wynona, you should know the price you’re going to pay.”

“W-Why should I take your bet?”

“Don’t have the guts?” Maisie slowly walked toward her. “Wynona, someone has to be responsible. I gave you a chance, but you didn’t appreciate it. Great. There’s still an hour until my assessment. Let’s have some fun betting. Everyone is here. Aren’t you people curious?”.

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