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Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 288 by desirenovel

Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 288 by desirenovel

Wynona presented all the ‘evidence’ she had on Maisje because that was exactly how she was, Francisco saw through it too.

Wynona’s words swayed Raven. Even though she couldn’t really believe Wynona, she really didn’t know Maisie that well, not even the part about her having children.

And Mr. Goldmann…

Was Maisie really who Wynona said she was? Did Francisco ignore her because he knew about Maisie?

“Think about it, Rye. She obviously doesn’t see you as a friend since she hid that from you. Why are you still kissing her feet?”

What Wynona said made the already wavering Raven make up her mind.

She really did see Maisie as her friend, but Maisie never told her anything about herself. Why would she hide things from her if she treated her as a friend? In the private room. Maisie stared at the healthy meal fully covering the table and the chef standing behind Nolan. I f these weren’t the campgrounds, she would have thought that she was at a high-end restaurant! In comparison, the meal in her hands was just depressing.

Nolan had a hand under his chin as he smiled. “I ordered these for you. You’ve lost weight, so it’s time to get some nutrients back in.” The meal box in Maisie’s hand was taken away while the bodyguard pulled out a chair for her. After Maisie sat down, she looked at Nolan. “Nolan, how could I possibly eat all this food?”

Nolan paused and looked hurt. “I feel sad that you’ve lost weight.”

It was all because the food at the camp wasn’t great. There was not much of his pretty little wife left. What if she was bullied because she became too weak?

Maisie was rendered speechless.

Nolan was really good at looking innocent! The bodyguard and chef left. Nolan crossed his fingers and put his chin on them while happily looking at Maisie eat. “Why are you staring?” Maisie felt awkward under his gaze. She wiped the corner of her lips, just in case there was something there.

Nolan’s lips curled. “It’s the shooting assessment tomorrow. Are you anxious?”

The shooting assessment was split into slow fire and rapid fire. Slow fires were usually 60 shots at a 50-yard distance. The diameter of the 10-ringed bullseye was smaller. After the 60 shots were fired, the results would be based on the total points.

This was the farthest distance in shooting events with the highest need for precision and also the most important assessment.

Passing these two assessments for someone who had never used a gun was extremely challenging, and then there was the rapid-fire event too. Maisie pursed her lips and averted her eyes. “There’s nothing to worry about. I might just get lucky and win.”

Nolan smiled. “Zee, you wouldn’t have come if you weren’t confident, would you?” Maisie felt a little guilty. “I just didn’t want to lose.” “Who gave you that ring for self-defense, the one who taught you self-defense?”

Nolan’s eyes were piercing through her.

Her mother was a de Arma, and Marina had dealings with the people from the Metropolis in Morwich, so she definitely had a complicated link with them.

On top of that, Erwin thought very highly of Maisie. It wasn’t difficult to guess that Erwin was the one who had taught her the self-defense techniques.

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