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Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 287 by desirenovel

Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 287 by desirenovel

Maisie wasn’t worried about Francisco seeing her like that. She smiled and walked toward him, glanced at Wynona, who was hiding behind him, and said, “It’s true. This is the actual me. I wouldn’t let off someone who tried to scheme against me easily.”

“Francisco, listen – “Wynona tugged his arm and looked hurt. When Francisco snapped back into reality, he pulled his arm away from Wynona, looked at Maisie, and said, “Little goddess, you… did that because you were threatened by Wynona—” Right? “Do I look like I was threatened?” Maisie’s eyes were cold, and she was expressionless.“ Wynona targeted me because of you. I’ve taken what I needed from her. If she doesn’t behave, I’m going to release the recording.” Francisco looked at Maisie and felt like he didn’t know her. It was probably because he never knew her well enough, to begin with. It seemed that from that day onward, Francisco never talked to her even when they met in the canteen.

Raven wanted to bump into Francisco, but he never came up to them anymore. She was curious. “Maisie, what’s wrong with Mr. Boucher? Doesn’t he usually stick to you?”

“Isn’t it better like this? There’s nothing going on between us.”

Maisie got some food next to the window.

Raven stood there, pondering.

Hans appeared in the canteen, scanned the crowd, and stopped on Maisie. He walked toward her under the eyes of everyone. “Ms. Maisie Vanderbilt.”

Maisie just got her food and paused when she realized that he was looking for her. “Yes?” Hans cleared his throat and lowered his voice. “Mr. Goldmann is waiting for you in the private room upstairs.” When Maisie was leaving with Hans, Raven held her arm. “Maisie, where… are you going?”

Maisie tapped her shoulder. “I’m going upstairs. Go ahead without me.”

Seeing her leave with Hans, Raven looked down. She had heard rumors about Mr. Goldmann coming to see Maisie.

She remembered when Cherie had been looking for Maisie, it was because of Mr. Goldmann too. How were they related?

“Hah, Maisie didn’t bring you along when she’s going to the private room. You see her as a bunkmate, but we don’t know what she sees you as.” Raven bit her lip. “Nonsense. I’m not going to believe you.”

When she was walking away, Wynona’s voice floated to her from behind. “You probably don’t

know who she really is, do you?”

Raven paused.

Wynona walked to her and put a hand on her shoulder. “Rye, we put you in a tough spot because you got too close to Maisie. We have no intention of becoming enemies with you.”

“You see Maisie as your friend, but you probably don’t know who she really is, do you? By the way…” Wynona said into her ear, “Do you know why Francisco is ignoring her?”

“Why—”Raven blurted.

“Because he knows who she really is. She has kids, but she probably never told you that?

“Why would a woman with children join the training camp? It’s to get to the men. Why do you think she’s going to the private room upstairs?”

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