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Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 275 by desirenovel

Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 275 by desirenovel

“Yes, sir, she came to us and threatened us for no reason. She even hit Wynona. We obviously haven’t done anything wrong.” They had the number advantage and could testify for each other, so they were not afraid of Maisie’s explanation.

Maisie was about to say something when the instructor struck the table. “Okay, there’s no need for further explanation. The training camp isn’t the place for you. You can pack up and leave now.”

Wynona and the others were smug deep down.

‘No matter how powerful she is, isn’t she still the one facing expulsion in the end?’

Maisie stood there and did not even budge. The instructor looked at her and was bewildered for a split second. “Didn’t I ask you to go?”

“I can’t go.” Maisie’s tone sounded calm. “Besides, they’re the ones who broke the rules first. Why am I the one who’s being asked to leave?”

The instructor had never met someone as stubborn and disobedient as Maisie was, so he stood up in anger. “Maisie, don’t push your luck! This is a training camp, and I have the right to ask you to leave when you’ve broken the rules!”

“I didn’t do anything wrong, so I won’t leave.” Maisie stared into his gaze coldly. “You—”

“Mr. Leach, what’s the matter? Why are you so furious?” Cherie appeared outside of the office with a smile.

The instructor frowned. “Why are you here?”

Cherie walked up to him and patted him on the shoulder. “I heard that some of our cadets broke the rules of the training camp. I have to at least listen to their explanations.”

The instructor did not say anything.

In the training camp, Cherie was not only Chief Lawson’s younger sister but also one of the top management of the “Goldmanns’ Banquet”. In other words, apart from Chief Hans and Chief Furlan, who could tell her what to do, no one else could

Thus, Mr. Leach could not say anything when Cherie wanted to meddle in his affairs. “Sis Cherie, Maisie used a fork as a weapon to threaten us last night, and she almost hurt Wynona.”

“Yes, Sis Cherie, we can all testify that it was Maisie who made the first move!”

No matter whether it was the truth or not, they would first turn all the facts upside-down and inside-out as long as they could get Maisie to leave the camp.

Cherie pretended to be surprised and glanced at Maisie. “Are they hurt?” “They’re all fine. They can always go to the infirmary to have a full body checkup if they’ve suffered from any injuries,” Maisie replied without a change in her expression. Cherie then looked at the ladies again. “If you’re not injured, why are you saying that she has hurt you?” “We…” The situation became a little embarrassing. After all, it was true that they had not gotten hurt at all.

Wynona bit her lip and complained, “But she indeed slapped me last night. My cheek still hurts at this very moment, and she threatened us with a fork too.”

‘Maisie was the one who started slapping people and threatening us. That is the truth already, isn’t it?’

“Is that so?” Cherie asked Maisie.

Maisie glanced at them.

‘Twisting the facts isn’t a difficult skill to pick up.’

“You can consider it as a yes. They bullied my roommate, so I went to ask them for an explanation. However, they had the number advantage, so I had to grab a fork for self defense. I’m a fragile woman who can’t take a beating. I can only protect myself.” ‘She’s a fragile woman who can’t take a beating!?’ The other ladies were on the verge of vomiting. ‘She was the most vicious and ruthless person in the room last night. Does she have any misunderstanding about the word “fragile”?’ “Mr. Leach, self-defense isn’t considered a fight, right?” Cherie’s words shocked the other girls.

‘Did she just believe in her nonsense?’

The instructor was flustered. “Justifiable self-defense doesn’t count—”

“Mr. Leach, she’s lying! She clearly is the one who made a move on us first!” Wynona was not reconciled.

Cherie glared at her. “Then, can you show me any of your injuries?” “I…” How could Wynona show the injuries that she had suffered? Even if she got slapped on the face, the swelling had already subsided overnight, so what could she do?

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