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Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 274 by desirenovel

Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 274 by desirenovel

Maisie handed a mug of warm water to Raven to warm her hands. “You should be hungry. I still have instant cup noodles in my bag. You gave it to me the day before yesterday, I’ll cook it for you.”

Raven nodded, lowered her head, and took a sip of warm water.

Maisie turned her head and looked at Raven. “I’m sorry, I’m the one who got you involved.”

She did not expect Wynona and the others would make a move on Raven.

‘If I didn’t care so much about this matter, wouldn’t Raven be locked there for one whole


Raven lifted the corners of her lips and forced out a smile. “I don’t blame you. In fact, I’m pretty lousy myself. I’ve been here for three months, and I haven’t learned anything well. How can someone like me become a secret agent?”

Raven could not beat those ladies due to her poor physique, and she had been locked in the toilet and splashed with water. It was embarrassing to think about what she had gone through. Maisie soaked the instant noodles with boiling water, placed them aside, walked over to Raven, and sat down. “You’ve just joined the program. If you really want to become a secret agent, this training won’t end in just a year or two. You’re still young, and practice makes perfect. You’ll definitely succeed someday in the future.” Raven looked at her and asked, “Sis Maisie, are you really only staying here for half a month?”

Maisie’s eyes drooped as she nodded.

Raven sighed. “I finally got to know you, but you’ll be leaving in half a month.” Maisie was taken aback and smiled. “It’s okay. You can always contact me through Cherie whenever you miss me. Maybe I’ll come back to visit you.” “Really?” Raven was surprised. She then thought of something and asked again, “By the way, Wynona and the others said you… They said that you were sent here because you seduced men out there, although I… I don’t quite believe it.”

Maisie chuckled. “I’m glad to know that you don’t believe it. I’ve taught them a lesson about today’s events.”

“You taught them a lesson? Then aren’t you afraid of that—”.

“Will you be able to hide from a matter if you’re afraid of it?” Maisie looked straight at Raven and said solemnly, “Even if you don’t want to cause trouble, enduring an issue will only make i t worse, especially when it’s something that’s being forced onto you. Don’t they love to bully those who are kind?”

Raven felt that what she said made some sense.

“Your noodles are ready. Hurry up and go to bed after eating. You have to get up early tomorrow.” Maisie finished, got up, and walked to her bed.

The next day…

Maisie was called to the office by the instructor, and Wynona and the others were in the office too.

When Wynona saw Maisie, she looked away and did not dare to look directly into her eyes. She was still a little scared about what had happened last night.

Maisie walked to the desk “Sir, are you looking for me?” The instructor picked up the steel fork with a questioning tone. “Did you threaten them with this thing last night?”

Maisie’s eyelashes twitched. “Yes, but they’re the ones who challenged my limits first.”

“Bullsh*t!” The instructor slammed the steel fork on the desk. “This is a training camp, not a place for you to resolve your personal grievances. You’ve only been here for a few days, and you dare to threaten your fellow members?”.

Wynona watched as Maisie got reprimanded and felt much more at ease.

‘Plotting and scheming between members are forbidden in the training camp. Even a mere threat or a brawl is not allowed. Since she dared to threaten me, she’ll be kicked out of the training camp, won’t she?’

Maisie turned and glared at Wynona and the others.

‘Hehe, nice try, the wicked are pretending to be the victims and are trying to bring suit to the real victims?’

“Sir, I have no personal grudge with them. I was just demanding justice on behalf of my roommate. After all, they did not only bully my roommate but also locked her in the toilet. Sir, why don’t you ask them about this?”

One of the ladies refused to admit it. “Since when did we do so? You’re clearly making things u


‘Maisie has no evidence to prove that we’re the ones who did it anyway!’

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