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Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 2690 by desirenovel

Chapter 2690

Roxy was beaten up and sent to the hospital. However, even the patients that shared the same ward with her were unwilling to stay with her because of her reputation.

On the other end of this farce…

Tenet’s stock dropped by 13% in less than a day.

Roland was forced to issue a press release to clear up his relationship with Roxy. Tenet’s officials also released a post on all their social media platforms, saying they had terminated their contract with Roxy. Roxy was now known as the artist who got kicked out of the circle not long after landing a place in the industry-she had become a joke on the Internet.

As things continued to spread and ferment on the Internet, Roxy was completely blacklisted from showbiz. Her Twitter was temporarily deactivated to salvage the traffic that Twitter had been facing since her downfall.

Seeing this, she could only resort to her final trick, and that was to call the Goslings and tell them that she was pregnant with Zephir’s child.

Patricia was so angry that she fainted when she got the news.

When Zephir returned and learned about this from his father, his expression dimmed in an instant. “What did you just say?”

At that moment, Patricia gradually regained consciousness and instantly slapped Zephir as soon as she saw him. “You, get out of my sight!”

Alexander hurried over. “Patricia, what are you doing?”

“I’m teaching my son a lesson!” Patricia’s face turned pale from the wrath. “Zephir Gosling, just look at what you’ve become! You’ve brought shame to the Goslings!”

Zephir did not utter a single word to explain himself, allowing his mother to vent all her anger.

Patricia’s face looked gloomy on the bed, and all she felt was exhaustion. “You’ve never had a thing for a normal, excellent girl like Lay. You only prefer to mess around with filthy women. This hurts me whenever I’m reminded of the women you mingle around with.”

Zephir lowered his gaze. “I’ll take care of this.”

Alexander was worried about what his son would do, so he quickly stopped him. “You’re to take care of this matter, but there’s a line that you mustn’t cross!”

Zephir stopped for a split second, then walked out without looking back.

Zephir came to the hospital, and Roxy chuckled upon seeing him. “You still came to see me-

As soon as she said that, Zephir slapped her with the back of his right hand.

Her face turned to the left side of the bed.

Roxy covered her cheek and stared at him in disbelief. “Did you just hit me!?”

He slapped her with his left hand this time around.

Roxy’s cheeks were flushed and swollen, but she still did not even dare to speak in the face of Zephir’s gloomy expression.

“You’re pregnant with my child? Do you really think that I’ll believe this nonsense?”

She tried her best to keep herself calm and held him back. “Zeph… Zephir Gosling, even if you don’t believe me, you can always run a paternity test after the child is born.”

Zephir flung her hand off his arm, and waves of coldness surged from the bottom of his eyes. “Even if you’ve gotten pregnant, there’s no way that it’s mine.”

“What… What do you mean by that?” She shuddered.

Zephir grabbed her face by the cheeks and said ruthlessly, “As soon as you appeared in front of me with this face, I already knew that you were a woman of plentiful ulterior motives. Did you really think that I would get together with you without looking into your background?”

Roxy froze on the bed, and her back gradually stiffened.

He leaned forward and stared at the woman in front of him. “I won’t give any woman the opportunity to conceive my child, but I don’t trust any of you to take appropriate measures to avoid that. I still have to ensure that I won’t be framed or tricked. As for the reason all those women didn’t conceive my child by accident while they were with me, do you know why?”

Roxy’s shoulders trembled.

He continued, uttering each word clearly. “Do you still remember those healthcare products that I bought you? You seemed to be delighted when you received them back then.”

‘Healthcare products…’

Roxy remembered that since she started dating Zephir, the latter had bought her many luxury healthcare products.

All women loved to stay in shape, so consuming some healthcare products to maintain their weight was normal, not to mention that the effects of those products were fabulous.

‘Is it possible for those healthcare products…’

“That’s right. Those healthcare products I gave you contain a high amount of musk xylene and ketone. The other women who came before you were more obedient, and they didn’t stay by my side long, so they shouldn’t have been impacted much.”

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