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Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 2687 by desirenovel

Chapter 2687

After saying that, Jaylon left his office without looking back.

Roxy just came out of the elevator and saw Roland. Seeing that no one was in the corridor, she took advantage of their encounter to drag him to the stairwell. “Mr. Goldwin, when will you introduce me to a production crew?”

Roland was not in the mood. Seeing that she was still acting so recklessly in the company, he pushed her away directly. “Roxy, I promised to help you step into the entertainment industry, but you’d better not bring me more trouble. The first thing that you should do is to keep a distance from me when we’re in the company.”

Roxy chuckled and wrapped her arms around his neck. “Don’t you think this is very exciting? Mr. Goldwin, please don’t neglect me. I’ll be very sad if you do that to me.”

Roxy acted coquettishly and seductively. Roland liked such an attitude the most, so he soon fell for her charm again.

But they did not notice that a figure just so happened to pass by the stairwell upstairs.

Nollace and Charlie were drinking tea in the office. Charlie flicked the lid of the cup and reported his findings. “I’ve asked Mrs. Fuhrmann just how many distant relatives and nieces the Goldwins have. According to her, none of them are of the same age as Roxy, so it seems that something fishy is going on between Mr. Goldwin and Roxy.”

Nollace took a sip from his teacup, but before he could speak, Charlie’s assistant suddenly barged in with a flustered expression. “Chuc… Chuck!”

Seeing that Nollace was also there, he was stunned for a split second.

Charlie did not even lift his gaze. “Did the sky fall when you were in the toilet?”

The assistant gulped his saliva, and after catching his breath, he exclaimed, “This revelation is bigger than the sky falling. I don’t know whether I should expose it or not.”

Charlie knew that he had some scruples, so he raised his head. “Just shoot.”

“Guess who I just saw at the stairwell? It’s Roxy and Mr. Goldwin! They’re having an affair!”

Charlie was stunned for a moment. “What did you just say?”

“It’s true. I saw them with my own eyes. They were hugging and caressing each other at the stairwell. It’s

truly stomach-turning!”

The assistant was indeed frightened.

‘Thank God that I didn’t make a sound when I heard the commotion. If they were to find out about me, I’d probably be forcibly dragged into another turbulence.’

Charlie glanced at Nollace, whose expression was unchanged.

‘Mr. Goldwin recruited Roxy, and no one has ever doubted the reason that Mr. Goldwin gave, saying that

our business partners want Roxy to be pushed into the limelight as soon as possible.

‘But I really didn’t expect this to be the case. It’s no wonder Nollace thinks that Roxy is suspicious.’

Charlie asked Nollace, “What do you think about this matter?”

Nollace responded calmly, “I’ll have to meet his wife someday.”

Charlie stopped him hurriedly. “Don’t act too rashly. Although he’s seen it, we don’t have any real evidence. Mrs. Goldwin might not believe in what you say.”

Nollace explained with a smirk, “Don’t worry. I don’t need her to believe in what I say right away. I only need her to start doubting her husband.”

The next afternoon, Nollace contacted Roland’s wife in person, and the two met in a cafe.

After Nollace told her about the rumors that had been going around in the company, Mrs. Goldwin berated him with a sullen expression. “Don’t you dare slander Roland in front of me! He’s been busy with work all day, every day. And he’s only recruited a newcomer for his brother-in-law’s agency, so how would he dare to do something like that?”

Nollace held a coffee mug in his hand. “I have a business relationship with Tenet too. That’s why I’m thinking about the agency too. Mr. Goldwin personally brought the newcomer to a banquet in the circle the night before yesterday and made a huge scene for her while trying to find her some resources. This incident really left a negative impact on Tenet’s reputation.

“As far as I know, your husband shouldn’t have the right to interfere with the agency’s operations. As for the newcomer, she’s an artist that Tenet recruited recently, but she attended the occasion with your husband as his companion. So what do you think will go through outsiders’ minds when they see such a scene?”

The speaker might not mean it, but the listener had already taken the information in. However, as Roland’s wife, Mrs. Goldwin was also a public figure, and she was very sensitive toward her family’s reputation, so her expression dimmed almost instantly. “I don’t believe it.”

Nollace chuckled. “I’m also a man with a family, so even if I’m busy with my businesses, I’ll always try to avoid suspicion. I’d never bring a female artist out with me. As soon as rumors about your husband start spreading in the company, things won’t end well for both parties. Thus, I believe you don’t want to see your husband discredit the agency too, do you?”

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