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Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 2675 by desirenovel

Chapter 2675

Colton clicked his tongue. “I want you to miss it.’

Daisie wasn’t happy about it.

Nollace chimed in. “Don’t worry. We’ll just kick him out of our wedding.”

Colton chuckled. “Do you think you can?”

Nollace smiled. “It’s not the first day you met me.”

Freyja was tired. “Are you kids?”

These two just had a problem with each other. Everyone else was laughing.

The wedding was about to begin when the lights dimmed. The night sky lit up.

The master of the ceremony walked out on stage and excitedly said a few words of congratulations. Next, the bride and groom were going to enter.

The crowd turned back to look and saw Mahina, the Maid of Honor, raising the veil with Morrison, the Best Man.

Cameron walked out, holding Wayion’s hand. She had a bouquet in one hand and was holding Wayion with the other while they slowly walked in.

People started whispering.

‘That dress looks so familiar!”

“Did the princess of Stoslo wear this during her wedding?”

“He really spared no expense to get the dress. The dress and the venue probably cost millions.”

The two got to the master of ceremony, and the lights shone brightly around them.

The master of ceremony hosted the ceremony, the vows, the exchange of rings, and finally, the kissing of the bride.

Cameron grabbed Walon’s collar and kissed him, tossing the bouquet away.

Everyone cheered.

The master of ceremony froze, then chuckled. “I guess the bride is taking over tonight.”

Wayion looked down at her and smiled. “I’m happy with that.”

Daisie leaned on Noilace’s shoulder while Freyja held Colton’s hand under the table. It was lively and warm.

The dinner ended late into the night. The guests all stayed at the hotel, which was paid for by the Goldmanns.

After changing out of her dress, Cameron walked over to the ballroom with Mahina’s help. “Dad!”

Sunny, who was having a chat in the corridor, whipped his head area. “Yes, my dear daughter?”

She smiled. “Did you have too many glasses?”

‘That’s not possible. I have a good tolerance. Your Uncle Damian, however, is drunk.”

Cameron grabbed his arm. “Stay here for a few more days.”

Nicholas smiled. “She’s right. You should stay a few more days.”

“Now that you’ve spoken, I guess I’ll stay a few more days.”

Sunny and Nicholas left. Mahina looked at Cameron and smiled. “He looked overjoyed.”

“By the way, have the people from the martial arts center left?”

Mahina nodded. “Yes, Conroy was drunk because of them and was almost carried out. Nick had quite a lot to drink too.”

After that, she saw someone. “Your husband is coming over. I’m going to leave.”

Cameron nodded. “Be careful.”

Wayion walked over and hugged Cameron from behind. She turned her head and could smell the stench of alcohol. “Did you drink too much?”

He smiled. “No.”

She let go of her dress. “My feet are tired.”

Wayion picked her up. “You’re getting heavier.”

She hugged him by the neck. “It’s your son’s fault.”

He smiled. “Yes, all his fault. We can’t have our wedding night tonight because of him.”

Cameron’s face burned, and she punched him. ‘You’re a perv.”

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