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Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 265 by desirenovel

Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 265 by desirenovel

Rowena stood downstairs with her arms crossed in front of her and watched as the silhouette entered the building, her eyes looking gloomy. “If it weren’t for those three children, how would she be worthy enough of standing beside Nolan?’ “Sis Rowena, have you waited for a long time?” Only then did Wynona hurried over, interrupted Rowena’s thoughts, and exclaimed with a smile, “I didn’t expect you to really come back.” “Yeah, how are things in the training camp recently?” Rowena’s expression changed as if nothing had happened. “Everything’s fine. It’s just… A newcomer arrived two days ago, and I don’t really like her.” Wynona’s expression looked really upset when she mentioned the newcomer. Rowena raised her eyebrows slightly. “Which newcomer are you referring to?” “Her last name is Vanderbilt or something like that.” “Maisie Vanderbilt?” A hint of surprise flashed across Rowena’s eyes. She did not expect that Wynona would know about Maisie since the latter had just arrived here for a day.

“Yes, it’s her. I don’t like her very much. She just arrived here, and she has already managed to make Mr. Boucher take a fancy to her and pester her all the time. She’s definitely a vixen. She really pisses me off!”

Wynona’s words made the smile hanging on Rowena’s lips look a little more ominous. ‘Wynona doesn’t like Maisie. Things have just become a lot easier. It seems that I don’t even need to do anything against Maisie.’

It was already very late when Nolan brought the three children back to the Goldmann mansion from the Vanderbilt manor. It seemed that the children had gotten along with Stephen and had obviously accepted Stephen as their maternal grandfather ever since yesterday. When Rowena saw him coming back, she stepped forward with a smile. “Nolan, you’re back. Have you eaten dinner? If you haven’t, I’ll get the servant—” “Daddy, I’m sleepy!” Daisie asked for a hug, deliberately interrupting Rowena’s sentence.

Nolan crouched down and picked her up. “You’ve gotten sleepy so soon?” “Well… Mommy said that children have to go to bed and wake up early so that they can grow u p.” Daisie said while rubbing her sleepy eyes. In fact, she was not sleepy at all. She just wanted to stick with her father. Daisie wrapped her arms around his neck and asked coquettishly, “Daddy, can you read us a bedtime story then?”

Nolan smiled helplessly. “Okay, Daddy will read you a story.” Waylon and Colton looked at each other and rushed upstairs. “Time for a bedtime story!” Rowena, who was left on the spot, clenched the hands beside her tightly when she saw Nolan ignore her completely.

‘It’s just three tiny “obstacles”. I still have a chance of winning as long as Grandpa is satisfied with me. As for Maisie, I’ve never taken her seriously.’

After Nolan tucked the three rugrats into bed, he walked out of the children’s room and saw Rowena walking toward him with the brocade box of The Jade Store. “Nolan, the ring that you bought from The Jade Store has arrived. I was afraid that it would go missing if left in your office, so I brought it back directly to you.” Nolan took the brocade box and said lightly, “Thank you.” He took the brocade box and went back to the room.

Rowena lowered her eyes and smirked. No one noticed the cold and dimmed light that beamed out of her eyes.

Early in the morning, the fog in the mountains had yet to dissipate, and it was not until about ten o’clock that the cadets began to enter into the mountains under the assignment of the instructors.

Everyone carried luggage that weighed a few pounds on their backs, and they went into the mountains one after another in mountaineering suits under the command.

Maisie was squatting on the ground packing her bags when a girl with a ponytail approached her. “Excuse me, my teammates have temporarily formed a team with someone else today. If you haven’t found yourself a partner yet, can we form a team together?” Maisie looked up at her, thinking that she had not gotten herself a teammate just yet, and nodded. “Of course.”

“That’s great.” Wynona smiled and said to the instructor, “Sir, we haven’t been assigned to anyone. Can we form a team?”

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