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Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 263 by desirenovel

Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 263 by desirenovel

.”Huh? No matter how I look at him, there’s no trace of anger on that b*stard’s face. Instead, he’s propping his hand against his head and staring at Maisie with a smile.’

Francisco squinted his fox-like eyes. “Are you trying to draw my attention?”

‘Generally, if an ordinary woman wants to attract my attention, I’ll only think that she’s a pretentious one. But everything’s fine if she were to apply this method when she’s trying to capture my attention!’

Maisie almost spat out the broth that she had in her mouth. She chuckled out of rage and turned to look at him. “Lil’ brother, you’re quite a narcissistic one.”

He nodded. “I know that.”

Maisie was rendered speechless.

Francisco thought of something all of a sudden and took a bar of chocolate out of his pocket.“ It’s a brand from Ampleforth. Would you like to try it?”

Probably because he was afraid Maisie would reject his offer, he added, “There are so many people watching. It’ll be extremely embarrassing if you reject me again. Take it.”

Francisco took Maisie’s hand, placed the bar of chocolate in her hand, got up, and returned to his table with his hand buried in the pockets of his trousers.

Maisie had no idea what had just happened.

A woman sitting at a table not far away looked over at Maisie’s table. The woman with long black hair and a pearl hairpin shoved her spoon into the food on the plate ruthlessly, and the two ladies sitting beside her noticed the obvious change in her expression. The short-haired girl muttered, “How could Mr. Boucher do that? Sis Wynona gave him that bar of chocolate…” 1

‘Mr. Boucher has actually given the bar of chocolate that Wynona gave him to another woman.’

Maisie and Raven returned to their room.

“I didn’t expect Mr. Boucher to give you chocolate. The chocolate from this brand is very expensive,” Raven said and suddenly looked at Maisie with a gossipy face. “Sis Maisie, does he like you?”

“Don’t, I’m only here to train for half a month. I don’t want to have anything to do with him.” “You’re just here to train for half a month?” Raven was curious. ‘Didn’t she want to become an agent?’ Maisie nodded. “Yes, it’s just two weeks of training for me.” The next day…

Like the other trainees, Maisie woke up at five o’clock. Probably because of the weather, the sky was still dark, and it was still drizzling outside.

Training would not be postponed even if it was raining. Everyone ran laps around the field in the rain.

The male instructor was staring at them from the side. The whistle would sound at any minute if anyone were found slacking off.

Raven ran behind Maisie. Because the rain was hitting her on the face, she could not even breathe smoothly and could only inhale and exhale through her widely open mouth. “What the hell is wrong with this weather? It hasn’t rained in months.” “Who knows? Maybe today is an unlucky day.” A few girls who were running alongside her complained while panting. Maisie’s face was also covered with icy cold rain. She did not utter a single word in order to maintain her physical strength. She even had to adjust the frequency of her breathing.

A figure quickly caught up to her. “How was the chocolate from last night? Was it delicious?” Maisie took a glance at Francisco, who was all smiles, and almost rolled her eyes. ‘This useless piece of trash is so difficult to deal with.’ She accelerated and ran forward while Francisco, who was left behind, continued to follow her. “Hey, little goddess, run slowly, don’t slip and fall.” At Blackgold Group… “Mr. Goldmann, Ms. Vanderbilt is doing very well in the army. You can rest assured.” Nolan closed the documents and looked up at Quincy. “I can’t even see her, so how can I believe that she’s doing fine?”

‘It’s raining today, and I don’t know whether that woman has to get up in the morning to train in the rain. What if she catches a cold? Can she sleep without me by her side? Will her roommate bully her and plot against her?’

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