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Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 262 by desirenovel

Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 262 by desirenovel

Maisie’s eyes drooped slightly. ‘It turns out that there were three assessments, and I only have half a month, which means that I have to apply to be assessed within a week. ‘I have to achieve good results within half a month. The highest score for an assessment is 60 points, and I only need to obtain the standard score of 120 points to pass.’

In the evening, Raven took Maisie to the dining hall for dinner. The dining hall was a public area, and it was a duplex. There were basically more men than women at first glance.

“There’s always time to start eating. If you were to come late, then there would be nothing left to eat.” “It seems that you have a memorable experience when it comes to this rule.” Maisie teased her.

Raven smiled in embarrassment.

Maisie and Raven walked up to the line to queue for dinner, but Maisie bumped into someone’s foot while walking by a table. If Raven had not supported her, she would have fallen. The man who was lying on the chair resting on his back with his beret covering his face almost fell over because of the collision. He took off his beret and sat up in a fit of anger. “Who’s this? How dare you run into my legs! Are you blind” When the man saw a delicate and beautiful face, he held back his swear words and changed his tone in a daze. “Oh, it’s… It’s fine.” Maisie did not want to cause trouble either, so she nodded slightly and left with Raven to grab dinner.

Another man reached out and waved right in front of his eyes. “Mr. Boucher, she’s gone away. Come back to your senses!”

“F*ck you.” Francisco pushed his hand away, stared at the crowd that was queueing again, grinned, and said to himself, “Since when did such a goddess arrive at the training camp? I’ve never seen her before.”

He was already getting extremely impatient in Swallow County as he could not see anyone who looked good enough to satiate his appetite, but her appearance… He realized that he could still find happiness while staying in Swallow County, and his happiness was back! Raven and Maisie fetched their dinner and walked to a table at the side. Raven then whisperedt o her, “Hey, you should stay away from the person who you bumped into just now in the future. He’s the bully of the training camp. All ordinary people would stay as far away from him as possible.” “Is he so scary?” Maisie was helpless.

“We can’t afford to offend him because of his family’s background. We’re here for training, but this b*stard is here for vacation as he can hardly be seen in any training.”

Maisie just smiled and did not say a word when she saw Raven complaining in a low voice. The reason she had come here was just to get the assessment results, and she did not care about other things that had nothing to do with her at all.

But not long after Raven finished speaking, a dashing figure leaned over, sat down, flung his fringe to the side, and propped his elbows against the table to look at Maisie. “Our new goddess, are you interested in getting to know more about each other?” Maisie turned to look at him, raised the corners of his lips, and gave off a faint smile. “No.” Francisco got rejected.

The men behind Francisco kicked up a fuss, their voices attracting many people’s gazes.

Francisco glared at them. ‘What do these douchebags think they’re doing?’ Although he had lost some prestige when he got rejected, he did not care about her reaction because she looked good.

“Little goddess, I’m not a bad person. So let me introduce myself first. My name is Francisco. Just say my name whenever you run into any trouble in the future. No one will dare to bully


Maisie was a little helpless. “There’s no need for that, thank you.” Raven looked at Maisie nervously and was perspiring at the side.

This sounds too disrespectful to the b*stard. If he were to lose his cool…’

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