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Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 257 by desirenovel

Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 257 by desirenovel

Erwin smiled helplessly. “Didn’t I say that I would tell you when you have enough power? There would be no benefit of me telling you this now, especially because of —”

Her relationship with the Goldmanns.

“Especially because of what?” Maisie asked.

Erwin put down his teacup. “There’s a jade auction at The Jade Store. Do you want to go take a


Knowing that Erwin was trying to change the topic, Maisie pursed her lips but stopped asking. In The Jade Store’s immaculately designed hall, items made of jade were displayed on shelves, but the ones that were seen were mostly common jades like green jades and jasper. The top-quality white jades and jadeites were in cupboards that the public could not get to.

The Jade Store was filled with people who were there for the jade trade. The difference between auctions of The Jade Store and other jewelry stores was that The Jade Store only auctioned jades. Erwin brought Maisie to a seat, but she saw a familiar silhouette sitting in another seat when she turned around. Nolan? What was he…

Maisie then saw the woman sitting next to him. It was Rowena!

Rowena leaned into Nolan to say something, but Nolan kept his eyes on the stage and nodded every once in a while.

When her eyes caught Rowena’s that were smiling, Maisie turned around, sat at her seat, and hugged herself tighter with her crossed arms.

Maisie’s focus wasn’t on the stage until the auction began. Why was Nolan at The Jade Store with Rowena? Were they… She knew that Rowena was Titus’ top choice. If it weren’t for her and the kids, Nolan would probably be with Rowena. Why was she feeling uncomfortable?

The item being auctioned off on stage was a delicate white jade ring for women. The transparency of the ring was amplified on the screen. Maisie pursed her lips while listening to the bids coming off stage until Nolan’s voice appeared.

She was stunned. He had the highest offer to get the ring for women. Was it for Rowena?

Erwin turned to take a look, saw something, and raised his eyebrows. He turned around and looked at Maisie, who sat quietly next to him.

“You’re angry?”

Erwin’s words brought her back. She bit her lip. “Why would I be angry?”

He smiled. “If you didn’t care, you wouldn’t be upset.”

Maisie frowned. Why would she care about Nolan?

Nolan didn’t notice, but Rowena noticed Maisie’s presence.

She didn’t inform Nolan. She didn’t want Nolan to know that Maisie was there, but seeing how she looked, Maisie had probably misread the situation. ‘Haha, great.’ “Zee, are you leaving already?” Erwin left The Jade Store with her. He knew why she left. She never noticed that Nolan had a hold on her.

“Yes, there’s something to be done at the office.” Maisie smiled. The truth was, she didn’t want to stay

Erwin didn’t call her out. “I’ll send you back.”

Maisie didn’t reject it. Maisie didn’t return to the Goldmann mansion that night but went to Vanderbilt manor instead.

When Stephen found out that Maisie was going to spend the night at home, he was really glad, but something came to his mind. “Does Mr. Goldmann know that you’re staying here?”

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