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Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 256 by desirenovel

Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 256 by desirenovel

That seemed to be a test. Nolan’s eyes twitched, but he calmly said, “She would have her reasons to go. Maybe… “I should have trusted her.” Nolan reflected. He shouldn’t have thought of Maisie as a weak person.

He knew that she wasn’t someone who would surrender. She would do whatever she wanted to.

Nolan didn’t know if she was angry and wasn’t sure how to change that.

Something came to his mind, so he looked up at Rowena. “All you women have the same taste,


Rowena paused with a smile on her face. “That depends. Why?”

“Zee has probably been angry at me for a while already. I was thinking of getting her a present.”

Nolan was fully focused on getting back into Maisie’s good books and didn’t notice the change in Rowena’s eyes. She bit her lip, and a hint of coldness flashed in her eyes. She dug her nails into her palms but smiled and said, “Isn’t Ms. Vanderbilt a jewelry designer? She would probably be interested in jewelry.” Nolan remembered something, got up, and said, “You reminded me that there’s an auction at The Jade Store. There’s probably something there that she would like.” He took his coat and left, but Rowena immediately said, “Nolan, do you… want me to go with you? I can help you pick Us women have pretty much the same taste.” Nolan slightly raised his brows but didn’t have any reason to reject her, so he agreed. “ Alright.”

Rowena looked down and smiled.

Anything was nice as long as she could be by his side. 1

Maisie and Erwin sat at the cafe on top of Antique Street. ‘Antique Street’ was aptly named because all the shops were old buildings, and antiques made out of jade were sold there. That was the biggest antiquity trade area in Bassburgh. They were strict, and no exchanges were allowed after the deal. Even if tourists were conned, they had to bear the shame. “What brings you here, Uncle Erwin?” Maisie put her head on her hand, smiling. “I saw the news about you, Vanderbilts, a few days ago. I just wanted to see how you’ve been.” “Would I be able to have tea with you if something happened to me?” Maisie picked up the teacup and smiled.

Erwin adjusted his glasses with vintage gold frames. “I heard that you’ve rejected Larissa?” Maisie paused and sighed, looking down. “I can keep nothing from you.” “Haha, I thought you would want to go back to the de Armas after finding out about your mother’s identity.” He smiled. Maisie looked out of the window and calmly said, “Uncle Erwin, why… did my mom leave the d e Armas?” She didn’t understand why her mother would discard her identity as a de Arma and had come all the way to Zlokova from Stoslso, even changing her name.

When someone changed their name, it was because they didn’t want people to find out about their identity. Erwin’s eyes darkened, but he said after a short while, “Because she was sick ” “Sick?” Maisie was stunned. “You mean that my mom really had cancer?” She had gotten the news of her mother’s passing through her father, and it was due to cancer. “Zee, I’ll talk to you about this later.” “You keep saying later. You’ve said that too many times, and I just feel that you’re hiding something.” Maisie looked Erwin in the eyes. She didn’t think that the reason her mother had left her family was simple.

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