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Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 255 by desirenovel

Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 255 by desirenovel

Rowena had also heard just now that Nolan actually wanted to marry that woman. She bit her lip lightly and hid the gloom and coldness in her eyes away. Nolan’s expression looked extremely displeased as he was interrupted. “I don’t need your consent for who I’m going to marry.”

“Brat, are you going against me deliberately?” Titus reprimanded angrily, “Since she has agreed to my conditions, I’ll never agree to your marriage before she gets my approval.” Nolan got up and smiled at the old man. “Then do you mean that you’ll agree to it as long as Zee completes the tasks in the army and achieves some results?” Titus was stunned for a split second. He felt that his grandson had found a loophole in their conversation and had set him up.

However, he could not go back on his own word. “Then we’ll have to see if she can pass all the tests and achieve good results within half a month. Do you think it’s feasible?”

‘People who haven’t received any professional training would be considered newcomers who have just received training after surviving for half a month in the army. So what achievements can she obtain?’ Nolan’s face dimmed slightly. Rowena walked to the old man’s side. “Grandpa, this is really too difficult for Ms. Vanderbilt. Let’s just forget about the bet.” Seeing that she was speaking for Maisie, who knew that Rowena was just giving Maisie a chance to step down.

‘She wouldn’t be so embarrassed if she were to give up voluntarily. As a delicate woman, it’s estimated that she would undergo a mental breakdown and want to return home in less than a week if she were to join the army for half a month.

‘Grandpa is clearly giving her the task just to force her to back off, so why would she bring the troubles upon herself?’

Nolan turned to look at Maisie. “Zee, the bet won’t count. It’s fine even if you don’t want to g


‘So what if she were to break her promise? There’s no way that I’m letting my woman suffer i n the army. Even if she breaks her promise or Grandfather disapproves of our marriage, I’ll still marry her. No one can stop me.’ Maisie originally thought Nolan would have some faith in herself, but his words clearly meant that he did not believe she could do it.

“No, I’m going. The more you think I can’t do it, then the more I want to prove to you that I can do it.” Maisie finished drinking the soy milk in the glass and got up. “I’m heading to the company already.” She picked up her bag and left.

Nolan looked at Maisie’s silhouette as she left the house, his thin lips tightly pursed.

Titus was a little satisfied with Maisie’s reaction. ‘It seems that she is quite a tough young lady, not bad.

Rowena saw the old man’s expression. It was obvious that he had become more satisfied with her, and a hint of coldness flashed across her eyes. At Soul Jewelry Studio… “You want to leave for half a month?” Kennedy was a little surprised when he saw Maisie handing over all the work to him for the next two weeks. “Well, I’m going to join the army for some training for half a month, so I can only leave everything to you for the next two weeks,” Maisie replied. Thinking of something, she asked, “Is the batch of jewelry that Mr. Boucher ordered ready?” Kennedy paused and nodded. “It’s all ready and can be delivered to the crew today.” “Okay, then I’ll rely on you to follow up on the post-sales service.” Maisie smiled. After Kennedy went out, Maisie sat at her desk and looked at the computer’s monitor. She was a little irritable when she thought about how Nolan did not believe in her ability earlier this morning.

She suddenly thought of something, opened the drawer, and checked a business card that belonged to someone she had never contacted.

She frowned.

‘Forget it. I’ll talk to Mrs. Lucas when I come back in half a month.

Maisie’s cell phone rang. It was Uncle Erwin.

Administrative Office…

“Nolan, you know that Grandpa is trying to make things hard for Ms. Vanderbilt, but are you really going to leave it alone?” Rowena raised her gaze carefully and looked at the man who was reading documents.

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