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Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 253 by desirenovel

Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 253 by desirenovel

Stephen picked up the envelope on the floor, which contained dozens of extremely filthy photos, each of which had a familiar face. The paternity test confirmed that Stephen and Willow were not related by blood.

Willow sat slumped on the floor.

I’m not Stephen’s daughter…’ Maisie said expressionlessly, “Ms. Scott used to live in the Underground Freeway. She worked i na very specialized field and went through many guests every day. As for how she got pregnant and who’s the biological father of the child, I would bet that she doesn’t have a clue.” “No, no, the child belongs to Steph! Steph, you have to believe me—”. “You b*tch.” Stephen threw the photos on her face and rebuked furiously, “How dare you lie t o me for so many years!” Leila was in despair. She thought of something all of a sudden and looked at Willow.”Willie, listen to me, I can explain—”. “Don’t say my name, you disgusting woman. Why did you give birth to me? Why!? I hate you! “And Maisie Vanderbilt, I hate you too!” Willow shrieked hysterically, turned around, and ran out.

Leila’s pupils constricted as she could see Willow’s disgust and hatred for herself in her eyes.

The police no longer gave Leila any chance to explain and brought her away The truth behind the matter had become clear to everyone, and all the media outlets left after witnessing the “ridiculous farce”.

Madam Vanderbilt smacked and scolded Yorick at the scene. Linda was still startled by the fact that her father had cheated on her mother with Leila.

Maisie’s eyelids drooped when she saw her father’s depressed expression. “I’m sorry, Dad…”

Stephen swallowed all the grief and forced out a smile. “I don’t blame you. At least, I get to see her true colors now.” Maisie’s eyes turned bloodshot while looking at the lonely figure of her father as he left the scene, and all the complaints that she had against him in the past disappeared. 1

Maisie turned around and saw Nolan walking toward her. She was about to say something when Nolan stretched out his arm and took her into his arms.

Maisie, who was in Nolan’s arms, was stunned. The man’s broad shoulders were strong and warm.

“I was backstage worrying about you all this while.” Nolan placed his palm on the back of her head and shoved her head against his arms. He almost rushed out to the front several times for fear that all the questions and suspicions would swamp this woman.

Maisie’s eyelashes drooped. She once thought that no one would worry about her like that except for her children. However, it seemed that she was no longer alone now. The corners of her lips were raised as she gave off a smile. She then looked at him. “Nolan, I realized that you’re quite adorable sometimes.”

‘Especially when he’s not being the dbag that he usually is.’ Nolan frowned. “This woman actually describes me using the word “adorable”? Does she think that I’m not macho enough?

Nolan tilted his head, loosened his tie, and suddenly picked her up. Maisie subconsciously wrapped her arms around his neck, stunned. “What are you doing?” “I think it’s necessary for me to prove to you again whether I’m macho enough.” Nolan picked her up and left the scene in huge strides. The man tossed the woman around in the bedroom all night just because he misunderstood the meaning of a word that she used during the day. Nolan looked at the woman who was soundly asleep due to the lethargy, smiled helplessly, leaned over, and kissed her on the forehead. He then got up, put on his clothes, picked up the phone, and left the room. In the study, Nolan was on the phone with someone. “Sir, the prison guard said that Leila won’t plead guilty and insists on pushing the blame on M s. Vanderbilt. She’s also very unstable emotionally and refuses to cooperate.” Nolan’s expression was cold after he heard this. “Then arrange for someone to take good care of her inside the prison.” “Then what about the other Ms. Vanderbilt?”. “As for Willow, just send her to where she should head to.” Nolan showed no mercy.

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