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Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 250 by desirenovel

Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 250 by desirenovel

Nolan raised his brows and smiled. “Only you need to know if I’m weak or not.”

Maisie’s lashes fluttered. If he said all that before this, she would have said that he’s shameless, but now…

“I’… try to be nicer to you, seeing that you’re trying so hard.” Maisie felt bashful while she said that.

“Nicer how?” Nolan got close to her and lowered his voice, looking at her gorgeous and lively face. His Adam’s apple moved.

Maisie voluntarily kissed his lips.

Nolan was stunned. His heart seemed to have melted, and he savored it. He loved the way she kissed him.

“Reward.” After Maisie left his lips, she turned around to tidy up the first aid kit on the table. Her ears were red

Nolan wanted to let her get away, but he couldn’t stand seeing her being so bashful. Thus, he hugged her from behind, guided hert o the couch, and held her down.

Maisie pushed him away. “Nolan, stop it. We’re in… the office.”

It would be awkward if someone walked in.

“No one is coming in.” *Mm-But, your arm,”


Maisie held a press conference in the afternoon. The huge meeting room was filled with joumalists from all major media outlets. Some lesser-known media outlets seemed to have been invited by Nolan

Nolan stood behind the scene. Quincy stood next to him and carefully said, “Mr. Goldmann, these reporters are infamous for being difficult. Are you sure Ms. Vanderbilt will be alright?”

“I trust her.”

Nolan looked at Maisie. If she chose to trust him, he would retum it.

Leila and Willow walked with Madam Vanderbilt and showed up together with Yorick and Linda. Stephen walked in slowly behind them.

When Leila saw that Maisie was standing on stage and didn’t look injured, her expression changed.

How did this woman avoid it? It didn’t matter. Now that she was labeled a ‘murderer’, her reputation would be tarnished for the rest of her life!

Even if she held a press conference to clear things up, what was the point? Madam Vanderbilt wouldn’t have believed her.

“Dear reporters and friends of the media, good afternoon. I’m Maisie, the woman who has been labeled a ‘murderer’ and has been making rounds in the news.”

Maisie looked at the crowd and the flashes. Not only did she not waiver, but she confidently looked into the cameras as well. “My family is seated among you. Please ask any questions in their presence.”

“Ms. Vanderbilt, the rumor is that you had a falling-out with your family for the shares of Vaenna Jewelry, is that true?”

Maisie looked at the female reporter that had stood up and nodded. “That’s true. I did have an argument with my family because of Vaenna Jewellery.”

The reporter continued. “Did you kill for the shares?”

The room erupted in discussions.

Maisie looked down and smiled. “Why don’t I tell you a story?”

“A man left his hometown to work in the city. He met a woman there who promised to help him build a name in the city, so she started a mid-sized company and worked together with the man.

“But the man’s family didn’t approve of the woman because she gave birth to a daughter. Every time the woman went to visit them during the festive season, the man’s mother and relatives would insult her and put her in a tough spot. Even the woman’s daughter

was despised.”

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