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Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 246 by desirenovel

Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 246 by desirenovel

Yanis was found dead on the scene after she jumped off her apartment. Madam Vanderbilt and Stephen went to the police station t o help with the investigation.

Madam Vanderbilt had been grief-stricken when her grandson was sent to prison, and now Yanis passed. She didn’t get to take a break. As a result, she passed out

Nolan took Maisie to the hospital, where Yorick and Linda were.

When Linda saw Maisie, she angrily held her by her collar and cried, “It’s all your fault! My mom passed away because of you. It’s all your fault!”

Nolan’s eyes tumed cold, and he put his arm in front of Maisie after pushing Linda away. “Don’t blame everything on Maisie.”

“It’s her. She’s the reason Hector is in prison. What happened to my mother was her doing too. She’s a bad omen!”

“Lynn, stop that!” Yorick pulled Linda behind him, tumed around, and smiled at Nolan. “I’m sorry Mr. Goldmann. My daughter has gone through a lot, that’s why she’s just spouting nonsense.”

Nolan maintained his poker face.

Maisie was quiet, but she held her fist tight. She never liked Yanis, but she never wanted her to lose her life.

“Look, she’s not saying anything. She really did cause my mom’s death. She’s a murderer!” Linda yelled at Maisie.

Only Maisie would take revenge against her mom and brother. She was a cruel woman!

Maisie pressed her lips together and suddenly thought of someone. “Dad, where’s Leila?”

When Leila was mentioned, Yorick’s expression changed for a split second.

Stephen seemed to be used to not having Leila around and probably didn’t care much. “I have no idea either.”

Maisie looked down and suddenly asked, “Where did Yanis jump from?”

Stephen paused but didn’t reply.

Linda yelled at her. “Why do you care? Do you think you haven’t done enough? What more do you want?”

“If I were you, I wouldn’t think that Yanis was that emotional and would choose to end her life by jumping off a building,” Maisie said while walking toward Linda.

“Instead of wasting time here, why don’t I go and find out how she died?”

Maisie tumed around and left. Nolan followed along.

Maisie walked across the ground floor of the hospital quickly, but Nolan held her arm and said, “Zee.”

Maisie stopped but didn’t tum around. He noticed that she was shaking.

Nolan walked in front of her and looked down. “Zee, I believe it wasn’t you.”

“It wasn’t me, but… it’s related to me.” Maisie’s eyes were dark. She didn’t believe that Yanis would end her life because of a picture. Still, that had led to her death.

Nolan held her face with both his hands and sincerely said, “Maisie, I know you didn’t intend to harm anyone nor take her life. Didn’t you say that you’re going to investigate?

“There’s more reason to investigate if you feel guilty. I’ll be here for you.”

Maisie was stunned. Nolan’s ‘I’ll be here for you’ was the tranquilizer she needed to calm her down and clear her mind.

Yes, she needed to look into Yanis’ death because she was sure that Yanis would not have done that.

The biggest suspicion was-since Yanis had received that picture in Coralia, why would she choose to come to Bassburge to end her life?

Who would she reach out to if she were Yanis and received that picture? Leila..

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