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Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 232 by desirenovel

Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 232 by desirenovel

Madam Vanderbilt listened to Yanis’ words. She had always loved her only grandson the most, but her son would only hand Vaenna to Maisie now, so how could she not be anxious?

She snorted. “Since we can’t change his mind, we’ll snatch it from under the table!”

Madam Vanderbilt went to the law firm and requested the transfer contract as Stephen’s mother the next day. Mr. Zidane gave her the contract draft without any hesitation. 1

Mr. Zidane then called Maisie after Madam Vanderbilt left.

“Ms. Vanderbilt, a woman who claimed that she’s Mr. Vanderbilt’s mother came over and asked for the contract. I’ve given it to her,” Mr. Zidane reported.

Maisie had already told him the other day that he should just hand over the final draft of the contract if someone were to ask him for the contract

After all, any ineffective contract would only tum out to be a stack of trash even if it were to fall into the wrong hands. The real contract could only be retrieved by authorized personnel.

Maisie smirked and thanked him. “Thank you for your hard work. Do bring your best acting skills along on the day after tomorrow. I’m relying on you to give everyone the best live show of their lives.”

After ending the call, Maisie’s eyes could not help but tum gloomy.

I’ll make sure that Dad sees all the true colors of his so-called family thoroughly this time around’

Two days later, at Vaenna Jewelry…

The Vanderbilts also summoned Yanis’ family to the meeting room. Some of the top management were present in the meeting room as Stephen planned to announce the heir to his shares of Vaenna Jewelry.

No objection came from the top management when Stephen announced that his equity in Vaenna Jewelry would be inherited by his daughter, Maisie Vanderbilt.

Madam Vanderbilt, who was sitting in as one of the guests of honor, snorted and objected, “I beg to differ.”

“Mother, you should have witnessed it for yourself. Everyone on the board has accepted Zee because she’s able to convince everybody with her capability. What else do you have to complain about?”

Stephen had chosen to hold this meeting because he hoped that his mother, elder brother, and sister-in-law would give up from now on

Madam Vanderbilt slammed the table, stood up, and exclaimed, “Vaenna belongs to the Vanderbilts. And here you are, allowing a woman who will get married to another family and turn her back on the Vanderbilts at any time to inherit the company. Are you planning to hand the company to some random family other than the Vanderbilts?”

Madam Vanderbilt’s words made all the top management sitting on the side look at each other. Some of the managers and directors who had daughters were severely offended by her statement.

‘A woman who would get married to another family and turn her back on her own family? That’s rather controversial, isn’t it?’

Stephen gnashed his molars. He could not be more disappointed with his mother’s stubborn prejudice.

Yanis smiled and tried to persuade him, “Yes, Stephen, it would be a shame if we were to give out such a huge company. Zee is going to get married to someone else in the future, anyway. Plus, she doesn’t need the company at all. I think you should-”

“Even if my daughter doesn’t need it, I won’t hand it to you for free,” Stephen interrupted Yanis sternly, which made Yanis a little embarrassed for a moment.

She could only look at her husband, Yorick.

Yorick smiled. “Steph, Yane isn’t always the most sensible person in the room, so don’t take her words to heart.”

When Yanis saw that her husband was not partial to herself and said that she was not a sensible person, her expression turned gloomy out of wrath.

Compared to Madam Vanderbilt and Yanis’ anxiousness, Yorick looked very calm.

‘It’s not their fault that they only look this far into the future. It’s just that I can look beyond that.

‘Zee has gotten together with Mr. Goldmann, so it won’t do me any good if I offend my brother now.

‘Mother and Yanis’ stubborness is nothing more than a great example of women’s shortsightedness and narrow-mindedness.”

All Madam Vanderbilt wanted was to get the equity for her grandson, and she could not care less about the means that she had to use in order to achieve that.

At this time, a person who claimed to be a lawyer walked into the room. After seeing the lawyer, Madam Vanderbilt said proudly to Stephen, “Stephen, don’t blame me. Everything I do, I do it for the Vanderbilts.”

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