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Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 228 by desirenovel

Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 228 by desirenovel

Maisie scanned the table discreetly, thinking, ‘Madam Vanderbilt was discharged, Yorick and Yanis came over to Bassburgh, and even Leila and Willow are back at the Vanderbilt mansion. It doesn’t seem like a simple dinner.’

The air was tense because everyone had their own motives in mind.

Yanis looked at Maisie and asked, “Zee, I heard you’ve started your own jewelry studio. How’s it doing?”

It sounded like she asked for a reason and not because she cared.

Madam Vanderbilt chimed in, “Of course she’s doing well. Mr. Goldmann is helping her. It wouldn’t be too bad. She can live a good life even if she does nothing.”

“Mr. Goldmann?” Yorick was surprised that his niece had caught a big one.

“Yes, Zee brought honor to the family, all thanks to that pretty face of hers,” Madam Vanderbilt said sarcastically. All Maisie knew was how to be flirty.

Sensing the sarcasm, Maisie beamed and curled her lips. “Yes, it’s all thanks to the face that my mother gave me.

“Neither Willow nor Linda were able to get his attention. It seems like you’re disappointed because they weren’t able to help with their faces?” 2

Willow wanted to lash out, but Leila held her back, hinting that she shouldn’t be impulsive.

Stephen was slowly starting to open up to them again. If he got angry, they would never get to return to the manor. 1

Madam Vanderbilt scoffed and dropped all pretense. “You have your own studio and Mr. Goldmann’s help. Why not give Vaenna to your cousin?”

Yanis agreed with her. The girl was the reason they were in their current state. What would be wrong if their son inherited their uncle’s company?

“Yes, Stephen. You don’t have a son. Vaenna should be passed down to a Vanderbilt. Why don’t you give it to Hector? He’s family, after all.”


Before Stephen could say anything, Maisie laughed out loud. “When my mom and dad founded Vaenna, no one from the Vanderbilts chipped in. Now that your businesses are closed down, you’re trying to take away Vaenna shamelessly?” 1

“Zee, how could you say that?”

“Was I wrong?” Maisie looked at Yanis sternly. “The so-called family never helped when we needed it but instead tried to guilt-trip my father to share what he has. That’s not going to happen.”

“Zee, how could you speak before your father even said something?”

“My dad was quiet because he respects his mother, but that doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want.” Maisie cut off Madam Vanderbilt without skipping a beat.

“That’s all I’m going to say for today. I’m not giving Vaenna to anyone. Come and take it if you can, but you will need to be capable enough to do that.”

Madam Vanderbilt and Yanis looked worse by the minute. They weren’t afraid of Maisie. They were afraid of the man behind her.

If they were to take it by force, it wouldn’t end well for them.

Leila remained on the fence. She neither joined in nor spoke, but what Stephen said next changed the expression of everyone present.

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