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Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 227 by desirenovel

Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 227 by desirenovel

“Leila, I heard that you’ve been taking care of Mom for the past few days at the hospital.”

Leila smiled. “It’s what a daughter-in-law is supposed to do.”

Yorick looked at Leila and couldn’t deny that his brother had great taste.

He compared her to his own wife, who was rough around the edges. She had let herself go after childbirth and looked like a tired wife. 1

Even though Leila was no longer young, she still looked young and beautiful.

Yanis’ face changed upon noticing the way her husband was looking at Leila. She cleared her throat, which got Yorick’s notice and made him smile awkwardly. He changed the topic. “By the way, where are Willie and Zee?”

Madam Vanderbilt said to Stephen, “Yes, Willie is your daughter. We should ask her to join us for dinner.”

Leila was glad about what Madam Vanderbilt said, but she didn’t show it.

When Stephen thought about Willow, it really had been a while since he had seen her. No matter what she had done, she was still his daughter.

“Get Leila to ask her over.”

After Stephen agreed, Leila smiled and said, “I’ll call Willie then”

Maisie was the last to show up when the Vanderbilts were having a great time at the dinner table.

After Willow saw Maisie looking even more radiant than before and remembered how tough her life had been, she resented her even more.

Stephen smiled and said, seeing the empty seat next to him, “Zee, come sit next to me.”

Madam Vanderbilt wasn’t too happy about that. “That’s the seat of your wife, Leila. You’re letting your daughter sit there instead of her?

Leila, who was seated elsewhere, said, “It’s alright, Mother. Let Zee take it.”

Maisie sat down next to her father. Yorick smiled and said, “You turned out beautiful.”

Yanis mocked. “Sure, praise your sister-in-law’s daughter.”

He had praised Willow before that and now Maisie. However, he never said anything good about his daughter.

Maisie’s lips curled. “Thanks for your compliment. I remember that Lynn is getting prettier too. Why isn’t she here?”

Maisie’s words made Yanis and Madam Vanderbilt’s expressions change.

How dare she ask!

Yorick felt a little awkward too. He had sent his daughter to the Zimmerman kid and was waiting to see if she was able to marry into the family

His daughter was nothing compared to the two nieces from the city.

“Yorick, you’re out all thanks to Zee.” Stephen spoke to break the awkward silence while reminding his brother to remember what Zee did.

Before Yorick could speak, Madam Vanderbilt intervened. “What do you mean all thanks to her? It was all Mr. Goldmann’s doing.”

Stephen frowned. “Mom, why would Mr. Goldmann help if it weren’t for Zee? Have you forgotten your granddaughter’s help?

“Furthermore, I was the one who asked Zee to help.”

Madam Vanderbilt was put in a tough spot after being humiliated by her son.

This son of hers really had lost her respect! No, perhaps they were never close, to begin with!

Maisie curiously looked at her father, who spoke up for her. Had he not seen past Leila and Willow’s facades, he wouldn’t have spoken up for her.

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