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Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 224 by desirenovel

Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 224 by desirenovel

Nobody knew how Nolan could manage to explain it to her in a serious manner, “Zee, if I were to suffer from any side effects because of holding back all these urges, it would be bad for you…”

Back at the Goldmann mansion, Nolan directly carried Maisie upstairs and threw her onto the bed. 1

Maisie pushed his body that was pressing against hers away in a flurry. “This… The kids are home, and this is not optimal…”

“It’s okay. They’re all asleep.” Nolan peeled her clothes off as if she was a cocoon.

“Then… The hotel room would be wasted!”

“I don’t mind that tiny amount of money.”

“Nolan-Umm!” Maisie’s words were shoved back down her throat as he bowed down and sealed her lips.

Before Maisie could catch a breather, Nolan suddenly stopped, and the stagnant air in the room felt a little awkward.

Nolan stood up and turned his back to her, his handsome face looking a little stiff.

Maisie was befuddled for a split second.

“That’s it?

She took a sideways glance at Nolan.

“This breath-taking man that possesses such a superb figure actually has such hidden illnesses? So he really had not touched Willow in the past six years. So, what happened between us six years ago was really an accident?

‘If this is the case, it is truly unfortunate. However, this is closely related to his dignity as a man. I’m afraid that he’ll feel even worse if I don’t say anything now.

That being the case, since he treats the kids so well, I’ll have to treat him better in the future!

“Nolan, you… Don’t worry, even if you have hidden illnesses, I won’t despise you for that.”

‘I should say something to comfort him at this time, shouldn’t I?

Everything was fine when she did not say anything. But unfortunately, she did. Nolan’s eyes, which were staring at her, turned cold and stem all of a sudden “Are you questioning my ability?”

Maisie smiled, but before she had the time to say anything, Nolan’s body was already crushing down against hers once again. “I think I need to be serious now!”

In the next second, Maisie realized that she was really wrong.

This night went on for almost an eternity.

The next morning…

Maisie opened her eyes faintly, only to find out that her body was sore while her throat felt dry and ached.

‘I shouldn’t have said that last night!

An arm suddenly hugged her from behind while she was still contemplating her life choices. And as if the man realized that she had woken up, a deep and pleasant voice sounded. “You’ve awakened?”

Maisie trembled from head to toe.

“This man is getting greedier as time goes by, and he just won’t get tired of it…’

It was already in the early evening when Maisie went back to the company again. She wore a black turtleneck to cover the hickeys on her neck.

And when she arrived at the studio, she saw a tall man standing in front of the jewelry display window as if he was waiting for someone.

Maisie was then flustered when the man tumed around.

‘Isn’t this, Mr. Lucas?’

Maisie sat on the sofa and glanced at him with her arms crossed. “So, did Mrs. Lucas ask you to come to me?”

Louis took his teacup and took a sip from it. He then replied with a calm expression, “Consider it as a yes. My mother wants to see you. I know you’ve been reluctant to meet her because of that affair related to Willow Vanderbilt, so I’ve chosen to come to you.”

“I told you that I don’t want my de Amma identity. My last name is Vanderbilt…”

“But I heard that you don’t admit that you’re one of the Vanderbilts either. Your relationship with the Vanderbilts isn’t as close as you make it seem, am I right?” Louis asked nonchalantly.

Maisie paused and raised her gaze. “Even if my relationship with the Vanderbilts is bad, it doesn’t change the fact that I’m a Vanderbilt.”

“Actually, it doesn’t matter if you want to accept your identity as one of the de Armas or not.” Louis put down the teacup and continued slowly. “Grandfather just wants to reunite with his granddaughter.

“When you want to know more about your mother, please do contact me. You can think about it.” Louis said so while putting his business card on the desk. –

Maisie took a glance at the logo on the business card. ‘He’s actually a professor at the Royal Academy of Music?’

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