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Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 221 by desirenovel

Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 221 by desirenovel

“Since Madam Vanderbilt has already expressed her opinion, why didn’t you take the opportunity to get back Vaenna’s shares?” Kennedy looked at Maisie incomprehensibly. After all, Stephen would definitely hand the shares to her if she were to mention them to him at this time.

Maisie gave off a faint smile. “Soul isn’t very stable yet. I’d have to spend more time and energy if I were to get my hands on Vaenna

Jewelry’s shares now. It won’t pay off.

“But since my father has promised me not to hand Vaenna’s shares over to Hector, I can naturally rest assured.”

Since a while back, her relationship with her father had no longer been as rigid as it was before. Although she had once blamed her father for a lot of things, he was still her biological father.

Quincy appeared outside the office with a gift box. He knocked on the door first, smiled, and entered the room. “Ms. Vanderbilt.”

Maisie was startled. Her gaze landed on the blue gift box in his hands. “What is that?”

“It’s a custom-made dress that Mr. Goldmann wanted you to have. Mr. Goldmann said you should wear it while you meet him tonight…”

Maisie choked on her saliva and coughed abruptly as her expression tumed more and more embarrassed.

She remembered that she seemed to have given her word to that insatiable dbag in the office yesterday.

It seemed that tonight’s date was inevitable.

At the Grand Courtyard Hotel’s steak house…

Maisie entered the restaurant in a royal blue off-shoulder dress. The ankle-length skirt was draped with a layer of gauze, and the

silver tassel earrings swayed from side to side as she stepped forward. !

She sashayed into Nolan’s gaze like an elf who was lost in the woods, and her beauty was breath-taking.

Nolan’s eyes narrowed as he pressed his thin lips tightly and then opened them slightly. “This dress suits you a lot.”

It exuded a unique temperament when she was wearing it.

Nolan was actually a little upset about his decision to get her to wear such a glamorous dress. He really did not want to share her beauty with other men.

Fortunately, he had reserved the entire steak house.

This was Maisie’s first time eating out with Nolan, not to mention that it was in the form of a formal date.

Nolan’s indifferent and stern features were abated under the dimmed lighting, and his handsome face looked rather charming at this moment.

“Mr. Goldmann is quite generous when it comes to spending money, huh?”

Nolan smiled as he cut the steak on his plate gracefully. “Well, there’s no need for you to be frugal for me, isn’t all my money yours i n the future?”

After all, she belonged exclusively to him now.

Maisie glanced away, grabbed the wine glass on the table, and was about to take a sip. But the man frowned slightly and chuckled.“ Don’t get drunk so as not to delay serious business.” 1

Maisie’s hand trembled, and she put down the wine glass. “Mr. Goldmann, actually I—”

“You made a promise yesterday. I won’t give you a chance to go back on your words.” Nolan’s gaze was fixed on her.

Maisie was rendered speechless.

Nolan then continued. “Also, judging from the relationship that we both share now, shouldn’t you change the appellation you use t o address me?”

‘This woman keeps on addressing me as “Mr. Goldmann” while she actually addressed me as “Noles” at the Lucas family’s mansion the other night. Not to mention the “Honey” that she used at the hotel’s entrance. That sounded quite smooth too.’

The corners of Maisie’s lips twitched.

Maisie could only hope that the time could go slower and slower throughout the entire meal. But when it got past midnight, she was fascinated by the splendid fireworks outside the window.

Nolan got up, walked to her side, and leaned forward with his hands propped on the table. “Do you like it?”

Maisie recovered from the trance.

However, maybe it was because of a small amount of wine that she had just drunk. Her heart skipped a beat when she turned her head and rubbed her cheek against his cold lips.

Nolan’s sexy Adam’s apple rolled slightly-that impulse that had been buried at the bottom of his heart surged abruptly, and a beam of fire was ignited in his heart!

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