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Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 217 by desirenovel

Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 217 by desirenovel

Why was Nolan there?

Jimmy was stunned. He questioned unhappily, “W-Who are you?”

“The father of her children.”

Nolan stared coldly at him. This useless man wasn’t going to steal his woman.

Jimmy opened his mouth, but nothing came out. He was probably frozen by the coldness the man exuded.

Maisie laid in the man’s arms and put her arms around his neck. “Honey, what took you so long?” The anger that consumed Nolan when he saw her with this man disappeared when she hugged him and called him ‘honey’. He didn’t even want to question her about what was going on anymore.

Nolan put one arm around her waist and held her chin up with the other, “I wouldn’t know that someone was trying to steal my woman if I didn’t show up.”

Maisie raised her brows and played along. “Bring me home then.”


Nolan smiled.

It was nice to hear this woman say those few words.


Jimmy wasn’t done yet, but he retreated when Nolan stared at him.

That man was overwhelming. Who was he!?

In the car…

Seeing that Nolan wasn’t going to let go, Maisie frowned. “Are you not going to let go?”

“You’re going to push me aside after using me?” Nolan raised his brows. Was he going to be used just like that? It would be dumb not to take advantage of the situation.

Maisie bit her lip. She didn’t want to look at Quincy, who was driving because she was sitting on Nolan’s lap. That was a pretty compromising position.

“Who was that man?”

Seeing that Nolan was reserved and sounded like he was questioning her, Maisie didn’t answer politely. “Someone the Vanderbilts wanted to matchmake me with.”

The hand around her waist suddenly tightened.

Maisie felt as if her energy was sucked out of her. She slumped on his body, stared at him angrily, and said in a low voice. “What are you doing?

“Do you think I agreed to that?” Maisie looked down, looking cold. “Madam Vanderbilt wanted to let Linda win you over and wanted t o marry me off as soon as possible. It’s your fault.”

She wasn’t happy that she was put on the spot. Madam Vanderbilt, Yanis, and Linda treated her that way all because of him.

If she hadn’t been careful, she would have fallen into their trap.

Nolan looked down at the angry face of the woman in his arms, thinking about her family trying to set her up. His face dropped…!

His lover was treated terribly. It was time for the Vanderbilts of Coralia to face a little ‘setback’.

“Maisie, no one is going to be Mrs. Goldmann other than you.”

Maisie paused and turned her face away. “I never said I was interested.”

Nolan’s lips curled. “Am I supposed to find a stepmother for our children then?”

Maisie didn’t reply.

No way! She would rather find a stepfather for them!

Linda was escorted back to Coralia by her mother. Even if Linda wouldn’t marry, losing her innocence to Jimmy was reality. –

Madam Vanderbilt wanted Linda to marry into money, but seeing that it didn’t go the way she intended, she ignored Linda, who was crying and throwing a fit.HR

After a few days, the hot spring travel agency owned by the Vanderbilts in Coralia was suddenly seized. Madam Vanderbilt’s eldest son, Yorick, was apprehended by the police for questioning related to corruption and money laundering.

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