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Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 213 by desirenovel

Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 213 by desirenovel

‘She’s a woman that has slept with other men, and she’s still planning to bring her kids along when she moves into the Zimmermans? That’s impossible.’

But seeing how her son was reacting, Mrs. Zimmerman could only accept the fact that Maisie was a woman who had had children.

‘She still has to come over and serve me after moving into the Zimmermans.’

“Oh, do you want me to abandon my children?” Maisie smiled.

“Zee, the Zimmermans don’t even care about the children, yet you still want to bring your children along when you marry Jimmy? Are you out of your mind?” Madam Vanderbilt sounded anxious.

‘Is this b*tch planning to ruin the marriage arrangement? Keep dreaming!” 1

Madam Vanderbilt quickly glanced at Yanis.

Yanis naturally understood what she meant.

‘Anyway, what’s been done can never be undone. We’ll make it happen today even if we have to achieve our goal through force.’

How the Vanderbilts supported each other’s play halfway through the meal could almost form a theatrical act. Jimmy took a

glance at Maisie from time to time. The woman looked more attractive the more he stared at her, so attractive that he could feel the fire buming more and more frantically within him.

Maisie ignored the blazing gaze and continued eating the food on her plate gracefully.

She was very cautious and had not touched any of the drinks that others poured her.

Madam Vanderbilt was extremely anxious.

‘How can we spike this slut’s drink if she’s so vigilant?’

Fortunately, Yanis had already prepared for this situation. After all, it was just in case this was how things turned out.

All the perfectly sealed drinks placed in front of Maisie actually had invisible pinholes all over them. And because of this, those drinks were only placed in front of Maisie.

She had expected that this little vixen would definitely not drink the drinks that others poured her.

Maisie drank half of the drink in the bottle and noticed the sly and meaningful gaze that came from Yanis and Madam Vanderbilt from time to time.

She curled her lips coldly, put the bottle down, and added some food onto her plate.

Madam Vanderbilt also fetched some dishes for Maisie. “Zee, look at how little you’re eating. You should eat more.”

Seeing that Maisie started supporting her forehead as if she was drunk and then laid down on the dining table all of a sudden, Madam Vanderbilt pushed her. “Zee, Zee?”

“What’s wrong?” Mrs. Zimmerman naturally did not know the intention that the Vanderbilts had.

Yanis quickly explained, “Oh, she’s feeling a little uncomfortable. Lynn, help your cousin to get some rest in the other room.”

Linda smiled and nodded. “Okay.”

She then stood up and helped up Maisie. She was secretly smug when she saw Maisie left with her without putting up any fight.

“Why would she fall ill suddenly for no reason?”

Feeling Mrs. Zimmerman’s dissatisfaction, Jimmy comforted her immediately. “Mom, don’t say that. Anyway, she’ll be my wife in the future. Do you want me to get married or not?”

“Okay, okay, okay. It’s your call to make. I’ll listen to you.” After all, her son’s life event was the important thing here. How could she not respect his choice?

Yanis looked at Jimmy. “Jimmy, you should go and take a look at Lynn. I’m afraid that she’s too careless and can’t take good care of Maisie.”

Jimmy knew that Aunt Vanderbilt was helping him and could not keep his restless emotions calm anymore. He did not even want t o eat his food. Thus, he hurriedly got up and said, “Okay, I’ll go and have a look.”

Linda helped Maisie to get into another room, which was reserved in advance by her mother, and she was waiting to hand this opportunity to Jimmy.

Although Jimmy was the grandson of the renowned Mr. Zimmerman Sr. of Coralia, his reputation in Coralia was not good. He was a local bully. Not only did he like gambling, but he was also a lecherous man.

Just because all the women in Coralia knew who he was, they refused to marry him no matter what.

After placing Maisie on the couch, Linda snorted. “When you give yourself to Jimmy, you’ll be known as a slutty wh*re. We’ll see whether Mr. Goldmann would want a woman like you at that time.”

‘A woman that has been defiled by another man will never be as pure as me!’

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