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Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 210 by desirenovel

Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 210 by desirenovel

“What are you doing?” Madam Vanderbilt felt uncomfortable deep down upon seeing him put his silverware down and throw a silent tantrum for no obvious reason.

“You should know the relationship between Mi. Goldmann and Zee. Don’t think I don’t know what you have in mind. If you dare tog o and argue with Zee, then you can go back to the ancestral mansion already.”

Stephen had endured it for too long. He has endured a lot more than usual just because she was his biological mother.

“What? How dare you threaten your own mother?”

“I’m glad to hear that you still know that I’m your son.” Stephen calmed down. “Zee is your granddaughter, but you’ve never cared about her. Do you value your grandson so much? If you didn’t value a grandson as much as you do, I would have divorced Leila a long time ago. I wouldn’t have to be made a fool by her fake pregnancy scheme.”

“A… A fake pregnancy?” Madam Vanderbilt was bewildered.

She was still wondering why she had not seen Leila at home all day, thinking that she might be at the hospital for some regular checkups, but she did not expect that she was faking her pregnancy.

“Hmph, there’s no such thing as a grandson for you. Are you satisfied now?” Stephen removed his lap napkin because he did not even want to eat dinner anymore.

He then got up, went upstairs, and returned to his room.

Madam Vanderbilt finally recovered from the trance and then said furiously, “Leila Scott, how dare she fake a pregnancy to fool m


“Grandma, what should I do now?”

“Okay, Maisie is quite an observant girl. Do you think she doesn’t know what you think of Mr. Goldmann?” Madam Vanderbilt knew that Maisie would definitely not let go of Nolan, so it seemed that they had to find another way. 1

She thought of something all of a sudden, quickly took out her cell phone and called her other daughter-in-law,

‘Leila, this unworthy woman, how dare she lie to me. I can’t count on her anymore, so I can only count on my eldest daughter-in law!’

The next day, in the afternoon…

Maisie put on her customized jewelry for a customer, a tassel pendant made out of emeralds.

“What do you think, Mrs. Heinzinz? Are you satisfied with it?”

“Oh, this is perfect. I haven’t seen anyone in the circle wear such a tassel pendant. It looks so special and beautiful.” Mrs. Heinz stood in front of the full-length mirror and turned from one side to the other, appreciating the pendant.

‘Manufacturing a tassel pendant out of emeralds, she’s the only designer in this field who can come up with this idea.

‘It looks fashionable and youthful, and it’ll definitely be able to attract quite a lot of attention whenever I pair it with any evening gown and wear them to all sorts of banquets in the future. And the main reason is that no other missuses in the circle have worn a necklace that looks similar to this one. That’s how I’ll be able to show it off when I wear it out?’

“Mrs. Heinz, to hear that you’re satisfied with the product is a relief.” Maisie smiled, took the necklace off for her, and asked the staff on the side to fetch the gilt gift box.

She then placed the necklace in the gift box, put it into the gift bag, and handed it to Mrs. Heinz.

Mrs. Heinz took the gift bag, chit-chatted with Maisie for a short while, and left with her assistant.

Maisie was packing up the jewelry box and some odds and ends on the table when she received a text message from Madam Vanderbilt.

The tone of the message looked rather enthusiastic as Madam Vanderbilt invited her to have a meal with her aunt.

‘Things will never be that simple.’

Maisie temporarily put aside her work in the studio and handed everything to Kennedy, asking him to take care of things on her behalf.

Seeing that she was going out again, Kennedy asked, “Zee, are you going to go out?”

“Yeah, my aunt has come to Bassburgh. I wonder what Madam Vanderbilt has on her mind this time around,” Maisie responded


The people living in the ancestral mansion of the Vanderbilts had never thought of her before this, but all of them would visit her a s soon as they had arrived in Bassburgh in recent days. “They must be up to something, so of course, I must go and have a look myself.’

Kennedy knew about the relationship between Maisie and the Vanderbilts.

‘If the people from the ancestral mansion of the Vanderbilts were looking for her… It should be about Vaenna Jewelry’s inheritance, right?’

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