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Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 205 by desirenovel

Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 205 by desirenovel

Leila did not want to go back to her previous life. She would have nothing left if she were to leave the Vanderbilts.

‘I just need to keep this b*tch under control for now. As long as she’s willing to forgive me, I’ll surely wipe her off the grid in the future.’

“Heh, begging me would do you no good. You should do whatever you need to do as soon as possible.” Maisie straightened her posture. “Back then, you were responsible for driving me out of the Vanderbilt manor. It’s now your time to leave the house.”

She did not even want to look at Leila again, so she left the ward while Quincy let Leila go and caught up to her.

Leila sat stiffly on the spot, her expression gradually turning gloomy.

Quincy returned to the Blackgold administrative office and honestly reported everything that had taken place at the hospital.

Mr. Goldmann asked me to act as Ms. Vanderbilt’s lackey for half a day. What else can I do apart from this?

Nolan propped his hand against his chin and put down the file in his hand. There was a slight arc in the corners of his lips. “It seems that she’s done a good job and deserves a reward.”

Quincy pouted his lips.

‘T’ve done well too, so why don’t I get a reward? 1

When Nolan came to Soul Jewelry Studio, all the staff knew who he was looking for whenever they saw him here, so they did not seem to be surprised.

Linda was rubbing her wrist while she walked out of the warehouse. But she could not help but dash toward Nolan as soon as she saw him. “Nolan…”

Nolan frowned, and his eyes narrowed slightly upon hearing this voice.

“Nolan, I was the one to blame last time. I shouldn’t have said that about Maisie. I really didn’t plan to fight with Maisie over

anything. Are you angry with me?”

Nolan felt that she was a little too talkative.

‘Apart from Zee, is none of the Vanderbilts normal?’

He did not want to care about it and was about to leave the scene. However, Linda bit her lip, stepped forward, and wanted to fall into his arms.

Nolan grabbed her by the shoulders nimbly, and his eyes turned even colder after that.

Although she did not fall in his arms, Linda was more than satisfied when she saw him supporting her.

However, Nolan flung his hand and pushed her away the second Maisie walked out of the office with the documents, so she was caught off guard and fell to the floor.

The scene attracted the attention of other people.

Linda did not expect that he would push her away.

Nolan walked up to Maisie’s side and explained aggrievedly, “She’s the one who fell onto me.”

Everyone was shocked.


‘My God, what am I looking at? Mr. Goldmann is explaining to Ms. Zora with an aggrieved expression?’

Linda looked shocked and explained in a panic, “Maisie… It’s not me, I… It’s just an accident.”

Maisie knew clearly the reason Linda wanted to come to work at Blackgold. Nonetheless, she had actually managed to bite the bullet and push through all the inhumane tasks that were being assigned to her. As such, Maisie really admired her perseverance.

However, seeing that Linda was trying to seduce Nolan in broad daylight still made Maisie feel a little uncomfortable.

“You accidentally fell? Just how old should one be to be able to fall to the floor face first?”

“Puff!” The staff around the office almost burst into laughter.

Linda looked a little embarrassed and stood up. “I didn’t-”

“You’ve been here for so long. I’ve already kept quiet about all the troubles that you’ve created instead of resolving all this while. All you’ve done so far is embarrass your grandma. You should just go back if you really don’t want to work here anymore.”

“Sister Maisie, are… Are you planning to drive me back?” Linda pinched the hem of her clothes with both hands.

“You can’t even stay in your workstation during working hours. Why should I keep you here?”

It was not that Maisie did not know about what Linda had been doing in the warehouse. After all, Xander had been reporting Linda’s two- or three-hour absence from the warehouse and her reluctance to do anything to Maisie.

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