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Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 202 by desirenovel

Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 202 by desirenovel

Nolan took an envelope out of a folder and handed it to her. “Take a look at this.”

The envelope was full of photos.

Maisie went through them one by one, and her expression gradually dimmed.

Although the photos had been taken more than 20 years ago, they looked extremely clear. The woman who was pleasing a group of men in heavy makeup and a gorgeous dress was indeed Leila.

In some of the photos, she could be seen French kissing a few men and performing stripteases while standing on tables. There were even photos of her acting extremely intimately with different men. Such a wild and seductive side of Leila was something that Maisie had never seen before.

After all, although Leila had always been a scheming b*tch in Maisie’s impression, she was a completely different woman from what she looked like in the photos.

“Wait a minute! If Leila’s private life from back then was so chaotic, is it possible that…!

Looking at Maisie’s expression, Nolan knew what she had thought of and squinted. “The people in the Underground Freeway are very familiar with Leila. After all, nine out of ten of them were her customers.”

The word “customers” gave Maisie a general idea.

‘Leila worked as a prostitute before this.’

“Is she familiar with the people of the Underground Freeway?”

“You’re welcome to think so. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been able to hire that group of goons to kidnap you.”

Maisie’s eyes turned gloomy. “So, Leila didn’t necessarily get pregnant with Dad’s child back then.”

The comers of Nolan’s lips raised faintly. “You’re quite smart yourself. Willow is indeed not Stephen’s daughter.”

Maisie gasped.

‘Leila has actually managed to conceal this fact up till today!’

“Speaking of it, Leila might not even know who Willow’s biological father is, and your father just happened to be taken advantage of all this while.

“Not only back then. Leila is now planning to conceive a baby through other men, then bring the child back to the Vanderbilts as your father’s.”

Maisie froze in place, thinking about something deep down.

‘Indeed, Leila’s pregnancy is too coincidental. So she actually isn’t pregnant yet. She’s just using the pregnancy to delay the divorce. She’ll then bring the baby back to the Vanderbilts when she becomes pregnant through some other men? –

‘Hehe, I won’t let that happen this time around.’

Maisie looked at the photos in her hands, thought of something all of a sudden, and smirked. “Can you give these photos to me?”

“Just take them with you.” There was a hint of amusement in Nolan’s eyes. He would not stop her from doing what she wanted to do.

Ever since Leila had disclosed that she had gotten pregnant, Madam Vanderbilt had hardly asked her to d o anything but told her to rest and nurture the fetus in peace.

Leila felt that better times were ahead upon thinking of Willow, who had been able to ascend the social ladder and had become the daughter of the de Armas with peace of mind now, and Madam Vanderbilt, who had changed her attitude toward her and had been treating her very well.

However, when will I get pregnant with the child?

She was faintly disturbed now.

‘Ding dong.”

Someone rang the doorbell.

Leila got up and went to open the door. It was a courier. The courier took a glance at the information and asked, “Are you Ms. Leila Scott?”

“I am.” Leila was a little confused.

The courier handed a parcel to her. “I have a package for you. Please sign for it.”

Leila signed for the courier, but she really could not remember what she had bought online. After checking the address, she realized the sender was anonymous. Although the address was not written, the recipient was indeed her.

Leila opened the parcel while sitting on the couch, but her face turned pale in an instant when she saw something in the box.

She then wrapped the package in her hand tremblingly.

At that moment, her cell phone rang and frightened her.

Seeing that Willow was calling, she quickly picked up the package, took her cell phone upstairs, and returned to her room.

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