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Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 201 by desirenovel

Charming Mommy of adorable triplets Chapter 201 by desirenovel

Nolan took a deep breath, his face looking tense. “111 go.”

“How can I let other men buy this kind of thing for her?

Nolan picked up the car key and rushed out, leaving the surprised woman behind.

He then drove to the nearest convenience store.

This was his first time buying such an item for a woman, plus he did not know the brand that she had been using all this time, so he bought one packet each.

When he came to the cashier for checkout, the middle-aged woman who was dozing off at the cashier was awakened by the pile of sanitary napkins on the conveyor belt.

She stared at Nolan with an awkward gaze.

‘What kind of obsession does this handsome young man have?’

Nolan’s expression tumed gloomy while he was being stared at, so he clenched his hand into a fist, placed it next to his mouth, and cleared his throat. “I’m buying these for my wife.”

“You’re already married? Oh, that’s great.” Only then did the middle-aged woman snap out of the suspicion that she had deep down and packed all the sanitary pads for him.

Fortunately, there were no customers in the store at such an hour. Nolan left in a hurry after paying the bill.

When he returned with a huge bag full of sanitary napkins, Maisie’s chin was about to drop to the ground.

Nolan turned his head away and handed the huge bag to her. “I don’t know which brand you use, so I bought each of every brand.”

The corners of Maisie’s lips twitched as she grabbed a bag from him. “Thank you.”

She then closed the bathroom door immediately and leaned behind the door, dying of embarrassment.

Maisie went downstairs, and Nolan brought the chamomile tea to the dining table.

Maisie felt a little bad about troubling Nolan to go out so late in order to buy her sanitary pads and make her chamomile tea.

Never had this idea crossed her mind that this prestigious and distinguished man would disregard his social status to buy her feminine products.

She sat at the front of the table, picked up the mug, and drank the chamomile tea. She then raised her head to look at him. “Nolan, I realize that you’re quite a kind man sometimes.”

Nolan was stunned for a split second, then curled his lips and gave off a smirk. “You only realize it now?”

Maisie lowered her eyes and tugged at the corners of her lips to the sides. “You’re quite a man whenever you’re serious.”

Nolan smiled as he slowly got up. “If you’ve finished the tea, then come to the study to meet me. I’ll show you something that I’m certain you’ll be interested in.”

Maisie was also curious about what Nolan wanted to show her.

‘He’s even confident that it’ll definitely pique my interest… Maybe it’s something really incredible?’

When she entered Nolan’s study, she saw Nolan sitting on the soft couch with his legs crossed. His sleeves had been rolled up to his elbows, and he was languidly looking at the computer monitor with his hand propping against his chin.

“What in the world do you plan to show me?” Maisie walked to the other side of the couch and sat down while Nolan turned the monitor toward her.

Unexpectedly, when her gaze landed on a video that had been paused on the screen, she was so furious that her cheeks flushed in an instant. She then turned her face away and rebuked, “Nolan, you pervert! Don’t drag me along when you want to watch porn!” 2

“Take a closer look at the woman in the video.” Nolan’s expression did not change at all as he did not care about the picture. His gaze was fixed on the woman’s face.

Maisie squinted her eyes and slowly looked back at the screen again.

‘The appearance of the young woman shown on the screen looks somewhat similar to that of Willow’s. Is this… Leila Scott!?’

Maisie looked at him doubtfully. “Why would you have this?”

“I captured the people who kidnapped you, and they confessed something to me.” Nolan looked at her and lifted his eyebrow cockily. “Don’t you want to know how Leila gave birth to Willow and secured her position in the Vanderbilts?”

Maisie’s lips were tightly pressed together while her brows were creased. She only knew that her father had met Leila and had an affair with her after spending a lot of nights on the tiles. Leila had given birth to her father’s child secretly two years later.

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