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Captivation: Want Nothing But You Chapter 529

Captivation: Want Nothing But You Chapter 529

Found Guilty (Part Two)

“Yes, of course, sir, I’ll get this done immediately!” the man replied seriously.

Davis checked the numbers on the report.His eyes flashed with a sudden light, and then he proceeded to pat the man on the shoulder.

“Why don’t you wake everyone up and ask them to help us with the investigation? As long as we find out the truth of the matter, we’ll be able to complete the task!”

They hadn’t eaten or slept well for an entire month.The man cheered up right away, thinking that this investigation would soon come to a close.He nodded and woke up the other team members who were still fast asleep on their stomachs.

Davis pounded his shoulders, stretched his body, and glanced over at Kent rather casually.He saw that Kent was still studying the report data in his hand, with a frown on his face.He coughed and said, “Finally, we’ll be going home soon.”

Kent didn’t say anything.He simply looked at the data and felt it looked very familiar.

But during this period of time, he had handled way too many documents than he could count.

All numbers looked the same, but they were put together to form thousands of combinations.He really couldn’t remember everything and maybe it was all in his head that all this looked familiar.


Davis suddenly placed his hand on Kent’s shoulder and leaned over toward him.

Kent’s thoughts were interrupted just then by the sound of Davis’ voice.He looked up at him in surprise and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Shall we have a drink together once this is all over?” Davis asked with a smile.

Kent pulled away, looked at him, and didn’t say a word.

Feeling Kent’s eyes on him, Davis started to feel a little uncomfortable.He retracted his hand awkwardly and said, “Kent, why are you staring at me like this?”

Kent knitted his brows.He recalled seeing Davis last night when he stood in front of the French windows.He hesitated for a moment and then opened his mouth to speak.

“Last night, you…”

Davis’ heart raced in his chest, but he still maintained his calm.

“Last night? Did something happen last night? Kent, you’re being so serious that I’m feeling flustered.”

“It’s nothing, I just saw you come out of a strange car last night,” said Kent as he glanced over at Davis.

The smile on Davis’ face froze for a second there.

When he met with Odin last night, he was being very careful.

Besides, the place was so far away from the Bennet Group’s building.

How did Kent manage to see them? If Kent did indeed see them, then what did he see? And did he see it clearly? Did he recognize the car? In just a few seconds, Davis’s mind was filled with questions.

“You… You must’ve been mistaken,” Davis said tentatively.

“In fact, maybe I was mistaken.”

Kent didn’t bother thinking about it too carefully.He couldn’t see clearly and he did think that he was mistaken about it.

After all, he had worked all day and his eyes must’ve been tired.

As soon as he finished saying that, the person who was checking the report suddenly said, “Kent, Davis, come over here quickly! I’ve discovered the source of the money!”

The conversation between Kent and Davis was suddenly interrupted and the two of them made their way over.

“Look, six years ago, the cash flow of Bennet Group’s investment increased in the first two months and Sullivan Group went on to make ten payments.We’ve made some calculations and the extra money from Bennet Group appears to be exactly the same.In the fourth quarter, it looks like Victor purchased forty-five percent shares of Bennet Group at a price lower than twenty percent of the market pricing.”

“This is the agreement signed by Victor and Jack Jenkins, the person who was then in charge of Bennet Group at that time.”

The team member took out the agreement.

“If we add the money that was less than twenty percent of the market price back then, it’ll be the same amount as the ten payments Sullivan Group made.”

As the group member reported and analyzed each data, Kent’s face became grimmer and grimmer.

“Tell me, what’s your conclusion?” Davis said in a barely audible voice.

“According to the data we have just discovered, it’s nearly certain that the capital used for the acquisition of forty-five percent of the shares of Bennet Group six years ago was from Sullivan Group, which was used under the label of expense.That’s to say, Victor abused his power and used the capital of Sullivan Group to achieve his own personal goal.”

He concluded, looking at Kent for confirmation.

“Kent, we can report it to the police and apply for an arrest warrant immediately.”

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