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Captivation: Want Nothing But You Chapter 524

Captivation: Want Nothing But You Chapter 524

A Warrant (Part Two)

Ivan’s face turned grim.

“Say that again?”

Frightened by the look on Ivan’s face, the man swallowed the lump in his throat.

“The police has issued a warrant for Mr.Sullivan and has taken him away.”

Everyone was shocked.

The day before yesterday, Victor wasn’t allowed to see any visitors.

Even though he was nearly imprisoned, at the very least there was no official order of arrest and he was allowed to stay confined in the hospital.But within just one night, the police got involved.

The former situation meant that there was a chance that the Sullivan Group could lose their leader, while the latter meant that the police intervened and they would really be left without their leader.

There was still a difference between those.

With a worried look, Wallace asked, “Aren’t they still conducting the investigation? Why did the police suddenly arrest him? Besides, Mr.Sullivan’s injury is still not recovered.”

“Even if they wanted to arrest him, they should’ve taken his condition into consideration.Things were doing okay yesterday.Why on earth would they arrest him today?”

“Did the investigation team find evidence in the Bennet Group?”

“It’s only been one night!”

“What if Mr.Sullivan really did something when he purchased the Bennet Group’s shares?”

Having heard what Wallace said, other people began to discuss among themselves.The once quiet meeting room became noisy.

Ivan glanced around the room and eventually locked his eyes on Wallace.To him, Wallace sounded like he was blaming the police.

But in truth, it was a clear reminder to everyone else.

Not only had Victor gotten injured, but he was also arrested.

If something were to happen to him, the Sullivan Group would be left without its leader.

Humans were born selfish.

Once the shit hit the fan, they would all stop worrying about their leader and just worry about themselves.

Wallace’s words reminded them of that natural instinct.

They were all claiming that they were worried about Victor, but none of them could hide the fact that they were agitated and uncertain of what to do next.

“How many people know about it?”

Ivan turned to the employee who said that Victor had gotten arrested.

“At present, only…”

The man glanced at everyone present and didn’t finish his sentence.

Even if he didn’t say what it was, Ivan already knew.

This employee was the one responsible for answering calls in the CEO’s office.

In order to buy as much time as possible for Wallace to locate the IP address of the other party who had purchased the shares of the Sullivan Group, Ivan had asked everyone to switch off their phone, including his own.

The man was responsible for monitoring the situation in the hospital saw that Victor was being taken away by the police.

When he couldn’t get through to Ivan, he decided to call the CEO’s office.

Ivan nodded.

The others who were chattering stopped talking when they heard what the employee said.

“I’ll discuss this matter with Mr.Scott.Guys, go back to work,” Ivan commanded.

“Yes, sir,” everyone said in unison.

Soon, the room was filled with rustling sounds The door of the meeting room was opened, and someone was about to leave.But then, Ivan spoke up again.

“I’m sure you all know what you should and shouldn’t say.You don’t need me to remind you again, do you?”

His voice sent shivers down everyone’s spine.They all nodded firmly.

“We didn’t hear anything just now, sir! We’ll keep our mouths shut!” Ivan didn’t respond.He hinted at them with his eyes that they could leave now.

Everyone was relieved, and they didn’t waste any time to leave the meeting room.The employee who came to report still remained standing there.He dared not leave the room, since Ivan hadn’t told him to leave.

Thus, he stood in his place, staring at Ivan cautiously.

Noticing that the guy was still staring at him, Ivan said, “You can leave as well.”

Beads of sweat were visible on the employee’s temple.He nodded and left right away when he heard what Ivan said.

But the second he reached the door, he found that everyone who left the room was standing right outside.

Confused, he stared at the direction they were all looking at.

There was a man in a suit standing right in front of them.

He slowly took off his sunglasses and said, “Hello, everyone! Long time no see.”

Just then, Ivan and Wallace walked out of the room and happened to meet the man’s gaze.

“What? How is that possible?” someone whispered in an anxious voice.

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