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Captivation: Want Nothing But You Chapter 505

Captivation: Want Nothing But You Chapter 505

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“What? But that’s such a small thing.The assistant was surprised.

“Miss Bennet, you are awesome! It’s really perceptive of you to find out he isn’t the real Kyle!”

Rachel looked at her assistant and said nothing.It was not that she was insightful.

She just felt that something was fishy about Kyle.

The first time she saw Kyle, she felt a sense of familiarity with him.

This was the reason she had already doubted him even at the beginning.

While she was on her way to the banquet, Quintin told her that Kyle was attacked and injured a month and a half ago.

When Quentin was done talking, Rachel looked at the ID photo of Kyle.

Something struck her but it was a fleeting thought.

The terrorist attack…And it happened about two months ago…

Rachel felt weird about the coincidence of the time of the attack and Odin’s return.

When Rachel arrived at the banquet hall, the first person she saw was Kyle who was standing not far from the entrance.

He was talking to someone.

Rachel immediately noticed the small green mole on his face and this reminded her of a blurry face.

“Miss Bennet, are we not going to work with Tucker?” The assistant spoke again.

Her voice filled with reluctance and pity.


The reason for Odin’s return was not simple.

There was no need for her to put the Bennet Group in danger.

The assistant knew that Rachel wouldn’t change her mind.

She sighed and said, “I’ll just go back and prepare the letter of termination.”

Rachel didn’t say anything.She rolled down the window to let the cold wind and this sobered her up.

It was now late at night.

After putting Joey to sleep, Rachel went back to her room to take a shower.

While drying her hair with a towel, she walked out of the bathroom.She then heard Quintin’s voice on the phone that was on her bed.She put on the Bluetooth headset and told Quintin what had happened earlier that night.

On the other end of the line, Quintin frowned.

He couldn’t understand Rachel.

“Boss, I think Odin pretended to be dead and then sneaked back to Apliaria because of the Sullivan Group.”

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Rachel rolled her eyes as she heard the distressed tone of Quintin.She asked, “Did you think long and hard about this? And you’ve reached this conclusion?”

“No.It was the recent incident of Sullivan Group in Baltimore that made me think about this.”

On his end, Quintin was seated before a table.

He rested an elbow on the table and one hand supported his chin.

“Boss, Sullivan Group has always been prudent in their infrastructure projects.Every phase has been carefully studied and executed.When the incident happened, I happened to have time on my hands so I decided to check the inspections of the constructions in the past two years.And I must say that they have done a good job.But it was different this time with the news about the jerry-built.The falsified project data was exposed.”

“You seem to be very interested in this matter.Not too long ago, you told me you were busy with other pressing jobs,” said Rachel as she put the towel on the chair beside the bed.

“Yet, you have time—and you just said so yourself—to check on the project information of Sullivan Group.It seems that you’re not busy after all.”

Quintin was stunned.He sat up straight.

Rachel’s words sent a chill down his spine.

“Boss, don’t get me wrong! I’m busy…I’m really busy! It’s just that I’m worried about you and Joe.”

Quintin tried to explain himself to Rachel.If he could just swear he was telling her the truth, he would.

“You’re worried about me and Joe?”

Quintin took a deep breath and then said a serious tone, “That incident is quite odd.It’s obvious that someone deliberately made the situation worse.And then, Joe was kidnapped so I thought I’d look into it and try to find the person behind it.”

A construction worker was seriously injured and went into a coma.

The person in charge committed suicide.

The more Quintin thought about it, the more he became convinced that someone was pushing this matter so that it would turn public opinion against them.

It was like the person wanted the people to take the incident more seriously.

“I was wondering who could hit the nail on the head.It is very evident in the project progress of the Sullivan Group.If it was a competitor, he may not be so efficient.Besides, once problems were found in an infrastructure project, the investigation team would definitely look into other projects.They would probe into these competitors’ projects and they might tighten the policy,”

Quintin pondered aloud.

“So even if competitors could get first-hand information about the project of the Sullivan Group, they would never dare to be so arrogant notwithstanding how they acquired the information and the trouble this might cause.After all, there is a high probability that they sow the wind and reap the whirlwind in the end.So, it seems that the person behind all these could be Odin.”

Rachel lowered her head and didn’t say anything.

“Boss,” Quintin said tentatively after a while.

“Go on.I’m listening.”

Quintin heaved a sigh before he spoke again.

“Boss, why don’t you and Joe come back as soon as possible?” Rachel picked the towel on the chair and folded it.

She then stood up and walked back to the bathroom to put the towel away.

As she thought about what Quintin had said, her expression changed momentarily.

It happened too fast that it wouldn’t be noticed by anyone.


“Odin is back.Victor has been injured.The Baltimore project is the talk of the town.It’s obvious that the situation in Apiliaria is going to change.I’m worried that you and Joe will be involved in the fight between Odin and Victor.”

Rachel furrowed her brows, thinking that Quintin’s worries seemed justifiable.

“Boss, my job is done.Maybe I should fly to Apliaria and bring you two back.If Victor dares to stop you, I’ll fight him to death.But I don’t believe that he’d dare to be an enemy of the Red Hackers.Boss, this is not four years ago.You are not the same person as you were then.You are now the president of the Red Hackers.I don’t think Victor has the power to stop you.”

Rachel mulled over Quintin’s words before she said, “Okay.The bandage on Joe’s arm will be removed in two weeks.When it’s done, I’ll go back to the Red Hackers with him.”

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