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Captivation: Want Nothing But You Chapter 502

Captivation: Want Nothing But You Chapter 502

Injured (Part Eleven)

Rachel didn’t reply to Quentin’s message. Her eyes were fixed on the man in the photograph.

The man was wearing a black suit and the first two buttons of his white shirt were unbuttoned. His collarbone was partially visible and the necklace on his neck was exposed. This made him look a bit unruly. It was different from the ID photo of Kyle which was earlier sent by Quintin, She looked steadily and intently at Odin’s face

Quintin had searched thoroughly from the alliance’s database and finally, he found the photograph. It was not easy to find it. It was taken a day before Odin took charge of the supervision of the foreign branch company It was originally taken for a media company, but for some reason, the photograph had not been made public Nonetheless, it was kept in the database of that company 

The alliance had always been independent in its collection of information about well-known people here and abroad Odin made a hit when he was in charge of the branch company. Someone from the alliance came across this photograph from this company’s database and saved it into the alliance’s database

Odin and Victor had different mothers but the same father. This was why they bore a striking resemblance which gave people strange feelings about them.

 Victor’s eyes were dark and brooding, making people afraid of looking at him Odin had a small mole below his left eye. It drew attention to his eyes, making them more distinct.

While Odin and Victor looked alike, they had different personalities. Compared to Victor, Odin looked a bit effeminate

As far as Rachel could remember, she had never seen Odin before. She knew little about him. What she knew was he had a very weak relationship with Victor.

 When he was at home, Victor would be abroad. When their grandmother died, Odin went abroad and Victor came back home. After their grandmother died, Rachel could have met Odin. But when Rachel learned about the old woman’s death, she couldn’t accept it and cried on and off for two days. She wasn’t able to go to the funeral because she was running a high fever then 

For years since then, Odin had kept a low profile when he was abroad and he seldom appeared in public. It was not that Rachel was interested in him. She was just curious about one thing. Out of the corner of her eye, Rachel saw her assistant coming over with a glass of red wine. She immediately turned off the phone screen. 

“Miss Bennet, this wine has a strong delayed effect. Please don’t drink too much.” the assistant whispered. Rachel took the glass and took a sip. 

The assistant then turned her head to the stage. Kyle was giving a speech to express his gratitude to the people for attending his welcome banquet. 

“I think that Mr. Bentley and Mr. Jimenez look alike,” she said and then sighed.

“Why?” Rachel asked.

“Mr. Bentley is as gentle and elegant as Mr. Jimenez.” The assistant smiled. 

“I don’t know if Mr. Bentley is married. Is he? I’d really like to know.” 

“Why you do want to know?” asked Rachel, looking at her assistant with her right eyebrow raised.

 “Do you like him?”

“Oh, please don’t make fun of me, Miss Bennet,” said the assistant, blushing. 

“Hmm?” With a mischievous smile, Rachel looked at her assistant with interest. Rachel’s ribbing brought a deeper blush to her assistant’s face. 

“It’s just that Mr. Bentley is a great guy. I know that many girls like him. And even if I like him… I can only admire him from afar.” She took a deep breath and then smiled shyly

Rachel looked at her assistant and smiled indulgently. “Look, if you really have feelings for him, it is best to curtail them or you will get hurt.”

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