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Captivation: Want Nothing But You Chapter 500

Captivation: Want Nothing But You Chapter 500

Injured (Part Nine)

When Rachel was done speaking, she heard a grating sound from the earpiece. She pulled it off from her ear and put it back on. She then gently knocked on the earpiece

Quentin who was on the other end of the line, heard the knock He knew that it was not appropriate for Rachel to

speak at the moment, “Rachel, you asked me this morning to investigate Kyle and I found something about him,” 

Quintin said “You guessed it right. Little is known about him. I searched the database of the alliance, but there’s still no information about him. So, I thought of asking my friend to help me find out things about him.”

Rachel lowered her head and looked at the screen. The screen was broadcasting a presentation Featured in the presentation was the personal information of Kyle

Rachel already knew the information on the screen. This was the same information given to her by her assistant. But something caught her interest a photograph Rachel clicked on it. It was a picture of Kyle on an ID card it looked like it was taken when he had just graduated. 

The photograph showed Kyle with his hair neal and tidy His skin was relatively fair. He was wearing a pair of eyeglasses. He looked gentle, albeit a bit childish. Looking at the photograph, Rachel was reminded of seeing Kyle that afternoon

The man in the photograph was obviously the younger Kyle. Judging from his looks, it seemed that he had changed a lot

“But there is one thing that is strange” Quintin’s voice came through the earpiece, interrupting Rachel’s thoughts

Sensing the confusion in Quintin’s voice, Rachel looked away. It was rare for Quentin to feel strange about something Rachel knocked on the earphone and told Quintin that she was still listening 

“In October this year, Kyle was on a business trip when he happened to encounter a terrorist attack. When he was returning to the hotel, he passed by a destroyed residential building Part of the wall fell and hit the hood of his car and broke the windows. The car driver died on the spot and Kyle was seriously injured and hospitalized.” 

Frowning, Quintin looked at the time displayed on the computer screen. 

“I have checked his admission record. I’m sure that he was seriously injured at that time and he was in a coma for half a month.” Rachel didn’t say anything. She just looked at the photograph. She knew what Quentin thought was strange. 

“Despite his condition, Kyle was discharged from the hospital just a month after he came around from his coma. And soon after, he went back to work.” Quintin pressed the switch of the pen he was holding and Rachel heard the sound it made.

It was somewhat unbelievable that Kyle would be able to recover so soon from a serious injury.

But of course, it was not impossible. There were a few people who had strong self-healing abilities in the world. But the man in the photograph didn’t seem to be one of them.


A car accident…

Rachel had this indescribable feeling relating the man in the photograph with the Kyle she had seen earlier,

Her rumination was interrupted by the car stopping at the gate of Valmead Club.

 “Miss Bennet, here we are,” informed the driver dutifully

Rachel knocked on the earpiece to say goodbye to Quintin. She hung up the phone, touching the button on the side of the phone with her thumb and slightly pressing it down. She then locked the screen. After she and her assistant got out of the car, she followed the waiter who came to welcome them into the club. They all went to the elevator that would take them to the banquet hall on the sixth floor,

The elevator doors opened and Rachel saw men and women in the banquet hall happily talking to one another

As Rachel walked out of the elevator, she heard someone call out, “Miss Bentley.” 

 Rachel scanned the hall to look for the owner of the voice. She saw a man in a black suit talking to another man The man was Kyle. He was standing sideways so Rachel could practically see only half of his face. 

Moreover, Kyle was wearing sunglasses, which covered most of his face. Seeing Kyle, Rachel narrowed her eyes.

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