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Captivation: Want Nothing But You Chapter 496

Captivation: Want Nothing But You Chapter 496

 Injured (Part Five) 

After a long moment of silence, Victor did not bother to answer Carson’s hypothetical question.

Carson cocked his eyebrow Sensing that Victor wasn’t about to say anything, he thought his good friend, Victor, was so self-assured that he hadn’t thought about this at all, which was why Victor couldn’t come up with an answer at that moment In fact, that was not the case at all.

The night before, Victor had thought about this question for the entire night, but even though he had gone over it a hundred times in his mind, he still couldn’t find an answer If this was in the past, he might force Rachel to be with him by doing everything possible to keep her by his side Even if she thought he was mean and disgusting, he would not hesitate to do that at all.

But now he was not so sure about any of that. He didn’t want to let Rachel go and he knew he couldn’t do that.

But if Rachel really was in love with Roger, would he really be willing to force her to stay with him and watch her suffer a lifetime with someone she didn’t love? He couldn’t bear to see Rachel in pain.

So he tossed and turned in bed and wasn’t able to get an exact answer.

He could only tell himself again and again that there was no way Rachel could be with Roger.

“Vic, you know the answer, don’t you?” Carson asked.

“She is most likely going to be with Roger than with you.”

Victor opened his eyes and turned to look at Carson with his dark eyes.

“A lot of things have happened between the two of you. The thing standing in your way is Abby.But even so, you actually think that she will agree to be with you again.Think about it, nothing is standing in their way if Rachel and Roger decide to be together.What’s the likelihood that she’ll choose you?”

These words were not fatal, but they had the ring of truth to them.

“What are you trying to say?”

Carson threw up his hands in exasperation and said, “Nothing, I know you’ve already considered all these things.I just want to say them out loud so that it’s clear to you what’s going on.”

Carson glanced over at Victor, but saw that his expression was still the same as if Victor couldn’t care less about what he had just said at all.

This time, he had no clue what Victor was thinking.

“What has Wallace been doing these days?” Victor asked.

He decided to change the topic and hold back his emotions.

Yesterday, Carson had sent a message to Rachel, saying that he was too busy to pick Victor up.

That was the truth.

At present, the Sullivan Group was in great trouble.

Carson had been going to meetings for several days now and he was indeed very busy. Of course, in addition to that, he also had to deal with the newly appointed technical director, the King of Hearts, the man who offered himself up for the role as director, “Everything is going well.For the majority of the time, he just stays in his office and only goes out to the archive to get some documents occasionally every day.”

Carson felt that that was strange.

Half a month had gone by, but Wallace acted just like a normal commuter.He didn’t even bother to access the core area of the archive.

“Continue to have someone keep an eye on him,” Victor commanded.

Carson’s hand went up to touch his jaw and he said, “Don’t worry about it.My men have been watching him.But…”

Seeing that Carson was being hesitant, Victor gave Carson a confused look.

“I knew that it would be difficult to tie Wallace with the King of Hearts, but it’s harder than it looks.I really can’t find any evidence.Indeed, no other person has ever been capable of improving the photo’s definition except for the King of Hearts, and recently, the people of the technology department also said that Wallace happens to be very good at code editing and data technology as well.”

Seeing this, it looked like Wallace was indeed the King of Hearts.

The only suspicious thing was why the King of Hearts suddenly popped up at this time and happened to be targeting the Sullivan Group for no reason at all.

Carson felt that something was very wrong. Even though there was no one who displayed such an astute ability of restoring such a photograph and improving its definition other than Wallace, that didn’t mean that no one else knew how to do it.

As for the code editing and data technology, the King of Hearts had always kept a low profile.

The public knew little about the King of Hearts and just how powerful he was.

Even though Wallace displayed such skills, this did not readily mean that he was the real King of Hearts.

At that moment, the ringtone on his phone disrupted Carson’s line of thought.

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