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Captivation: Want Nothing But You Chapter 486

Captivation: Want Nothing But You Chapter 486

His Car Broke Down

In the Bennet family’s residence

When Roger walked into the kitchen, Rachel was carefully washing vegetables, oblivious of who was coming behind her.

Lila, who had taken a plate from the cupboard and was about to put something in it, saw Roger. She was about to call out to him, but he signaled for her to be quiet with his index finger on his lips. Then, he pointed to: Rachel’s back

Lila got the message. With a smile, she nodded and turned around to leave the kitchen so as to give them some privacy 

“Lila, help me get a basket,” Rachel called out. In no time, a basket was handed to her and Rachel took it while saying thank you. 

Roger lowered his gaze to Rachel’s side face, the corners of his lips curled up in a soft smile.

In this way, he had been helping Rachel out. . 

All the food was ready to be cooked. Looking at the time, Rachel thought it might be a little early to start cooking now. 

After thinking about it, she thought to wash some fruits and take them out, and then wake Joey up.

 Thinking of this, she turned around, unaware someone was behind her. She bumped into his chest.

“Ouch!” Rachel sucked in her breath and staggered backwards. Seeing this, the man quickly held her arm.

Only then did Rachel realize that it wasn’t Lila holding her, but a man. Her eyes traced the hand and looked up to see who was in front of her. She was slightly surprised, her mouth slightly agape. 


“It’s me.” Roger freed his other hand to touch Rachel’s forehead. 

“Did I scare you? I’m sorry. I didn’t think you were going to suddenly turn around. Does it hurt?” 

Seeing that Roger’s hand was reaching for her forehead, Rachel subconsciously dodged it by turning her head sideways. Roger didn’t expect that Rachel would dodge so quickly. His fingertips froze mid-air. Rachel didn’t miss the bitter smile flashing in Roger’s eyes. She pursed her lips and rubbed her forehead. 

“I’m fine; it doesn’t hurt. But when did you come in? Where is Lila?” Her eyes scanned the kitchen.

 “I came in when you asked for the basket.” Roger quickly got his act together and withdrew his hand. 

“When I asked for the basket…” Rachel thought for a moment then asked, “Have you been here for a while? Then the person who helped me just now…” 

“It was me.” Roger nodded. 

Rachel didn’t expect Roger to be here so early. She moved her lips to say something when the phone in her pocket suddenly vibrated, interrupting her thoughts. Rachel took out her phone, the screen lit up and a message popped up. It was from Carson. 

“Rachel, I’m sorry. My car has broken down on the road, so I might arrive a little late. Please take care of Victor for me.”

Rachel’s temples throbbed. Carson’s car broke down? It was her first time of hearing that a Ferrari would break down.

“What’s wrong?” Roger asked when he noticed Rachel’s countenance had turned sour.

“Nothing. It’s a message from Carson, saying his car broke down and he wouldn’t be able to take Victor away until a little later.” Rachel frowned. Her intuition told her that Carson did it on purpose, but she couldn’t prove it.

Moreover, even if Carson did it deliberately, she couldn’t really ask Victor to leave. It was still raining outside, and Victor’s injuries hadn’t fully healed. If she sent Victor away like this, something

might happen. That would certainly cause her a lot of troubles. 

Also, Joey was the reason why Victor sustained the injuries his body Rachel was slightly upset. She felt that she was being taken advantage of. Roger’s eyes darkened as he patted Rachel on the shoulder. 

“It’s fine. I’ll personally take Mrs hospital later.”

“Okay.” Rachel nodded. “I’ll ask Lila to prepare some fruits and then go upstairs to wake up Joey. You can sit in the living room.” 

Subconsciously, Roger was going to say that he would accompany her upstairs, but on a second thought, he felt he might appear too eager, especially now that Rachel had gotten a little closer to him. He swallowed his words. 


Then he gave a tight smile.

On the second floor

Rachel was going to Joey’s bedroom when she heard the sound of water flowing from the bathroom not far away. She stopped in her tracks and turned her head to look at the bathroom. She didn’t see Victor in the living room downstairs just now, and the light in the bathroom was still on. 

It had been half an hour since Victor went upstairs to take a shower and change his clothes, and he still wasn’t out yet. Rachel frowned as she listened attentively to the distant sound of water flowing. 

Was anything the matter with Victor? 

Victor was already running a fever. Did he pass out in the bathroom? Bearing this in mind, Rachel listened again to the distant sound in the bathroom, but found that there was no other sound save the sound of water flowing.

 This made her wonder even more if something had happened to Victor. Her lips pursed into a straight line as she hesitated to go over and knock on the door. So many conflicting thoughts ran in her head as she stood there. One voice urged her to leave as she had nothing to do with anything concerning Victor. 

Another voice urged that there would be lot of problems if Victor really passed out.

She stood still for a moment as the conflicting thoughts ran in her head. She shut her eyes in frustration. 


A loud thud came from the bathroom. Rachel quickly opened her eyes and headed for the door without hesitation. She quickly tried to twist the doorknob, but it was locked from inside, so she couldn’t open it. 

“Victor?” Rachel knocked on the door and called out.

There was no answer.

“Are you in there, Victor? Answer me!” Rachel frowned and rapped heavily on the door twice more. 


Still no response. The bathroom remained silent except for the sound of water running. Downstairs, Lila and Roger heard the noise and rushed upstairs. 

“What happened, Rachel?”

Rachel looked agitated as she said, “Victor… Something seems to have happened to him.”

For some reasons, saying the words made her heart thump faster. Noticing how Rachel looked nervous, Roger’s eyes darkened, but he didn’t hesitate a moment longer. He gripped the doorknob and twisted it.

“The door is locked from the inside,” Rachel said.

Lila was the first to react. She remembered that Andy had earlier given her all the spare keys of the house. 

“I’m going to get the spare key.” 

“It’s too late,” Roger said in a low voice.

If Victor had really fainted in the bathroom, one more minute delay could be life-threatening.

“Get out of the way, Rachel and Lila.” Roger took two steps back, rolled up his sleeves, ready to slam the door open.

Just then, the door opened. The person inside opened the door and appeared before them. 

“Rachel…” Victor’s face was deathly pale. He gripped the doorknob for support, his heavy eyes lifted to look at Rachel. 

Then, everything blacked out and he lost consciousness completely.

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