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Captivation: Want Nothing But You Chapter 483

Captivation: Want Nothing But You Chapter 483

My Clothes Are Wet 

“Victor, you haven’t fully recovered.You’re not even sober yet,” Rachel said in a cold tone.

“I’ll ask someone to send you back to the hospital.”

“No.I won’t go back.”

Victor held Rachel’s wrist tightly.

Rachel tried her best to shake off his hand, but Victor was strong enough despite his condition.

Moreover, she felt that his hand was very hot.She instantly frowned and asked, “You have a fever, don’t you?”

Hearing this, Roger stepped forward and took Victor’s other arm to support him.

“Mr.Sullivan, if you’re still not feeling well, it’ll be best if we send you back to the hospital.”

However, Victor shook off Roger’s hand and said in a sullen voice, “I don’t need your help, and I’m not going anywhere.Why don’t you get out of here instead?”

While the two men were having a confrontation, Rachel took the opportunity to withdraw her hand.

Then, she took a few steps back to keep a distance from Victor.

Victor looked at Rachel, and all he saw was the indifference in her eyes.

His face darkened.

Meanwhile, the rain became heavier.

In just a few moments, Victor became totally drenched in the rain.


Just as Rachel was thinking about leaving Victor alone in the heavy pouring rain, Joey’s voice echoed from behind her.

It turned out that he came over, bearing an umbrella.

Lila saw Joey, who was wearing thin clothes, suddenly appear.

She hurriedly went to him and said, “Oh, Joey, why aren’t you wearing a raincoat? It’s cold outside.You might get sick!”

Then, Lila quickly took off her coat, intending to put it on Joey But before she could do that, someone had already put on a coat on Joey’s shoulder.


Seeing Roger wrap the coat around him, Joey raised his head and gave him an innocent smile.

“Mr.Jimenez, you shouldn’t get wet in the rain.Here, I’ll lend you my umbrella.”

Delighted by the kid’s concern, Roger smiled and picked Joey up.

“Then, why don’t we share the umbrella so both of us won’t get wet?”

Joey nodded and took the initiative to wrap his arms around Roger’s neck.

Out of the corner of his eye, he couldn’t help but look at his stubborn father.He actually heard what Victor said just now, and he felt kind of depressed.

When he saw Roger and Rachel, he couldn’t help but go downstairs to see what was going on.

Now, Joey could see Victor’s pale and miserable face, with blood trickling from his mouth.

Before, he told himself that since Victor abandoned him, he couldn’t be softhearted.

But since Victor had such severe injuries after he saved him, Joey couldn’t bear to see his father in such a way.

“Mommy, Mr.Jimenez, aren’t we going in yet?” Joey asked softly.

The three of them had been locked in a situation that wouldn’t really lead anywhere.

Due to the rain getting stronger, it was not a good idea to go on like this.

Realizing that Joey made sense, Rachel pursed her lips and looked at Victor.

“Can you walk?”

With his eyes on the ground, and his whole body dripping wet, Victor looked very pitiful.

Hearing Rachel’s words, Victor looked up, revealing his long eyelashes with drops of water hanging on them.

In a deep and low voice, he answered, “Yes.”

“Then, let’s go inside for now.I’ve sent Carson a message and asked him to pick you up as soon as possible.”

Rachel’s face remained expressionless.

As she turned around, she noticed that Roger’s clothes were also drenched.

Hence, she paused in her tracks and told him, “Lila made some ginger soup, Let’s go in and have some.”

Carrying Joey in his arms, Roger nodded.

They were just fine when they came out.

But when they went back, everyone was soaked in rain.

As soon as Lila returned inside the house, she went to the kitchen, “I’ve just finished cooking the ginger soup, so it’s still a little hot.Be careful not to be scalded when you have some.”

Then, Lila brought the ginger soup to the people sitting in the living room one by one.

There was only one bowl left, which was intended for Victor, Lila picked it up carefully and was about to hand it over “No, Lila!”


Two people spoke at the same time.

Hearing this, Lila was quite startled.

Then, she looked at Joey and Rachel in confusion.

“What’s wrong?” Lila asked with furrowed brows.

Joey suddenly pursed his lips, acting a little unnatural.

On the other hand, Rachel was able to make a straight face, and she was the one to reply first.

“Mr.Sullivan couldn’t drink the ginger soup yet since he is injured.You can just pour a glass of warm water for him.”

Reminded by Rachel, Lila immediately recalled that Victor spat out blood while they were outside.

Although she didn’t know why, she could just assume that it was due to an injury.

Hence, it was indeed not suitable for him to drink the ginger soup.

“Oh, right.I’m going to get a glass of warm water.”

While taking a sip of the ginger soup, Rachel saw that the clothes of Victor and Roger were wet.

She stood up and said to Roger, “Andy has been living here before I came back.He still have his clothes here.You are about the same height and built.Your clothes are dripping wet.I’ll get his clothes so that you can change into.”


Roger smiled gently and didn’t refuse.

Rachel was already about to head upstairs.

However, after just taking a couple steps forward, Victor coughed again.

In a faint and hoarse voice, he said, “Rachel, my clothes are wet too.”

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