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Captivation: Want Nothing But You Chapter 479

Captivation: Want Nothing But You Chapter 479

I Miss You (Part One) 

In the Bennet family’s house, Rachel asked the new servant to make some soup.

As she walked out of the kitchen, her eyes drifted to Joey, who was sitting on the sofa.

“Joe, have some soup first.” she said.

Not a word left Joey’s lips.

His eyes stared intently on the television.

The servant was welcomed by this scene as she walked out of the kitchen.

“Miss Bennet, let me call him for you,” she said.

“No.It’s fine.”

Rachel walked towards the living room.

She was about to pat the little guy’s shoulder when she was interrupted by the sound of the news coming from the television.

“Yesterday, the Industrial and Commercial Bureau, the Public Security Bureau, along with the other departments, carried out a spot check on a number of major developments in Baltimore.As they were looking into one of the Sullivan Group’s projects, an unfortunate incident happened.A slate suddenly fell off, causing serious injuries to one of their workers.He was reported to be unconscious during the said tragedy.The cause of this terrible accident is currently still under investigation.However, according to one of the inspection experts present, the poor quality of the materials used during the construction was one of the probable causes of the accident.”

One of the Sullivan Group’s projects had gone wrong.

Suddenly, Rachel’s phone buzzed.

It was an update from the stock market.

“The Sullivan Group is suspected to be unsafe materials for their infrastructures and hastening the construction process for quick profit Baltimore’s government agencies are currently holding an investigation regarding this matter.”

Rachel continued to scroll on his phone for other news.

“The stock price of the Sullivan Construction plummeted by a staggering 15%.Shareholders are demanding a report from the senior executives of the company.”

The unfortunate news Rachel saw through her phone put a frown on her face.

It wasn’t until then that Rachel noticed that Joey was watching the news about the Sullivan Group from his tablet.

Suddenly, she recalled the look on Carson’s face as he answered the calls yesterday.He certainly did not look amused.

That must have been the time of the accident.

Once again, Rachel unlocked her phone and clicked on Quintin’s number.

“Have you heard of the accident in Baltimore? Can you please take a look at how they’re handling things?”

In the midst of her typing, Rachel suddenly stopped.She pursed her lips as her eyes scanned the words that she typed on her phone.

‘What the hell am I doing? This has nothing to do with me.I can’t believe I’m asking Quintin for help,’ she thought.After deleting the message, Rachel looked at Joey.

She finally understood why he did not have the appetite to eat.

“Miss Bennet?”

The servant noticed that Rachel and Joe were taking too long.

“Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.Keep the soup warm.Joe has just eaten.He probably doesn’t have the appetite to eat more,” Rachel answered.

Finally, Rachel’s voice seemed to have registered into Joey’s ears, shaking him back to his senses.

Hastily, he turned his head and called, “Mommy.”

Joey was so deep into the news broadcast that he did not take notice of Rachel’s presence.

Quickly, he put his tablet down and reached out for the remote, changing the station.

It almost looked as if he was afraid that Rachel would know what he was thinking.

“Watching the news is really boring,” he complained.

But of course, Rachel knew exactly what was going on in his head.

Gingerly caressing his head, she said, “I have a meeting later this afternoon.You will have to stay home by yourself.Is that okay?”

“Yeah, it’s fine.I’ll wait for you at home,” Joey replied, nodding his head.

Rachel pinched his rosy cheek and said, “I’ll cook something really good for you when I get home.”

Hearing that Rachel was going out, the servant gazed outside to check the weather.

Quickly, she fetched her a coat and said, “It might rain later tonight, Miss Bennet.You should take a coat with you.”

Rachel looked out the window.She nodded at the servant in response.

Indeed, the sky was dark and gloomy.

At the hospital “Mr.Sullivan, you can’t leave the hospital yet!”

Lukas persuaded.

He had just come back from the Sue Garden.

His eyes drifted towards Victor, who was clad in a hospital gown, standing in front of him.

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