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Captivation: Want Nothing But You Chapter 472

Captivation: Want Nothing But You Chapter 472

 A Chance For Us

Maybe it was because he was still sleepy and tired, but Victor fell back to sleep right away. Rachel stayed by his side and watched him sleep for a few minutes.

After ensuring that he was deep in sleep, she walked out of the ward. She went straight to the nursing station and asked them to look after Victor while she was away After that, she proceeded to head back to Joey’s ward. Arriving at the door, she pushed it gently. Through the slightly opened door, she could already see Joey asleep in the bed.

On the sofa, Roger was sitting while looking down at his phone, probably texting someone. Rachel walked in and closed the door behind her.

Hearing the slight noise, Roger raised his head and saw her coming in.

“Rachel,” he called out silently, putting his phone away Rachel walked over to the bed. She looked down at Joey’s sleeping face and stroked the short hair across his forehead. It made Joey crease his eyebrows slightly. She rubbed the crinkled linings with her fingertips gently. Joey must have felt someone touching him, so he unconsciously smacked his lips.

Not wanting to wake Joey up, Rachel withdrew her hand. She then turned to Roger and said, “Thank you.”

Picking up the insulated lunch bag on the side, Roger walked up to her.

“Joey fell asleep as soon as he was taken here. The doctor came and examined his condition earlier. He said Joey has recovered well.”

“I see,” Rachel muttered.

Roger looked at her.

“He hasn’t eaten the millet porridge that my sister cooked for him. I had it put in the kitchen in the meantime to keep it warm. When Joey wakes up, you can ask the nurse to bring it here.” Roger had always been this considerate.

Rachel opened her mouth slightly to thank him when she noticed the look he gave her. Roger intercepted and didn’t let her continue.

“I know what you want to say. If you want to thank me, have some of this.”

Roger raised the insulated lunch bag in his hand. Rachel looked at him and the bag, confused.

“My sister knows you’ve had a lot on your plate lately, taking care of Joey andworrying about his condition. At the same time, you have to deal with the

Bennett Group. It’s been hectic for you that you’ve been skipping meals, so she cooked something for you,” Roger explained.

Rachel’s eyelashes fluttered and her lips pursed a little But before she could say anything, Roger spoke again.

“Should we eat outside? Joey has just fallen asleep. I’m afraid we’ll disturb him if we eat here.”

Looking at the insulated lunch bag that Roger said Clara prepared for her,

Rachel agreed and nodded.

The corners of Roger’s lips immediately turned upwards. There was a special area for kids to play in just outside the pediatric ward. Next to it was a sofa for adults, where they sat.

Roger took out the contents in the bag one by one.

“The insulation of the bag is pretty good. The food is still warm. You can enjoy them like they’re newly cooked.”. He set down three lunch boxes on the table across them and opened them. Several desserts of different kinds were neatly placed inside. It was obvious how they were packed with significant effort.

“You said people were likely to change their preferences once they got older,”

Roger said as he sat down opposite Rachel.

“I didn’t say anything at that time.” Rachel looked up at him. Roger wiped the plate with a tissue and put it in front of her.

“It doesn’t matter if your preferences have changed or you don’t like the same kinds of dishes now as before, Rachel. I can and I’m willing to take the time to know more about what you like now.” Rachel didn’t say anything and just continued to stare at him.

“I don’t know if you like these dishes, but just tell me if you don’t. Next time,


“I like them.” Rachel didn’t let him finish. She took a forkful of the cake and ate it.

“Please send my thanks to ClaraRoger understood what she meant by her actions. Rachel didn’t want him to do something like this againShe had done it

again, drawing a hard line between them and never giving him any chance.

Roger shrugged off the ache in his heart and said, “Sure, but you should call to thank her personally. She also cares a lot about you.”

Rachel nodded and ate some more of the other dishes until she was full. She then put aside her fork. Roger noticed it, so he handed her a piece of tissue. He then looked at her intently, hesitating to speak for a moment until he finally did.

“Rachel, about you and Victor…” “What do you mean?”

“Nothing. I just heard that Victor was designing a wedding ring for you, so I wanted to know if you are going to forgive him?”

“I don’t think I’m in a position to forgive him,” Rachel muttered. She knew Roger had been meaning to ask about this since earlier.

“The only person who should give him forgiveness is Abby.” Roger was not relieved in the least, hearing this.

“Then is it because of Joey? Victor is his biological father, so you want to get back together with him for your son?” he asked again.

“We’re not getting back together.”

“But what about the wedding ring? Aren’t you…”

“Victor has lost his memories,” Rachel cut him off. Roger couldn’t believe his ears and went momentarily stunned.

“He lost his memories?” Rachel picked up the fork again and cut a piece of the chocolate cake, which felt a little greasy in her mouth. She took a sip of water to wash the greasy taste down.

“Yes,” she then said, looking at Roger.

“He has a blood clot at back of his brain affecting his memory, which caused him to have temporary amnesia.”

“But I don’t think he lost any of his memories by the way he has been treating you,” Roger said, recalling how Victor held Rachel’s hand back in his ward

earlier. Rachel fell silent for a moment.

“I don’t know. Carson said he has temporary amnesia, but he only remembers me and the time when I didn’t divorce him yet.”

The expression on Roger’s face darkened slightly.

“The blood clot can’t be removed by surgery, so Victor can only take medicine to dissolve it naturally. It would be hard to tell when he’ll fully regain his memories,

and there’s also the possibility that he won’t be able to,” Rachel said in a rather calm tone.

“He mentioned about the wedding ring because he doesn’t remember about the divorce.” Roger frowned, still perplexed. After telling Roger everything, Rachel lowered her head and remained silent.

“You’ve been divorced since four years ago. Even though he has no recollection of that moment in your lives, that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.” Roger paused before continuing, “Aren’t you going to tell him about it?”

Rachel looked up at him.

Roger knew his question was out of line, but he was afraid that he might lose his chance if he didn’t know what she was thinking. He just wouldn’t sit still and wait.

“If you feel like you can’t tell him yourself, let me do it for you.”

“Roger, you…”

“I’m sorry, Rachel.” Roger looked her straight in the eyes.

“I know I shouldn’t have said that, but I just want you to give the two of us a chance”

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