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Captivation: Want Nothing But You Chapter 458

Captivation: Want Nothing But You Chapter 458

Kidnapped (Part Four)

It was too late.

Victor clenched the knife, with the wolfs blood dripping from its blade. The pungent smell covered the air. Looking at the bloodthirsty eyes of the wolves, he immediately jerked away and stepped back a few steps cautiously.

He almost drained all his strength in taking down one of them.

It would be impossible to win against a pack of wolves, especially in his state. He might not be able to hold up for long. The only way for him to survive was to buy time.

However, the alpha wolf started to trot closer to Victor. When it saw the wolf lying on the ground motionless, it belted out a mournful howl. It then gritted its teeth and looked fiercely at Victor. The next second, it charged toward him with its sharp claws glimmering under the moonlight.

Victor tensed up, looking at the wolf charging at him. He gripped the knife’s handle tightly so that the veins on the back of his hands protruded.

He didn’t know if he would be able to evade its attack this time, but he would surely die if he didn’t fight back. However, the pain he felt in his body from tackling the wolf just now began to worsen as the other charged toward him, making his breathing hitch. The alpha wolf was now only an inch away from pouncing on him when the unexpected happened. Whoosh!

In just a split second, the charging wolf howled and fell heavily to the ground. It writhed in pain until it stopped as if dead.

Victor was stunned. Before he could react, a blaze flew in his direction and landed only a few steps in front of him. The dead branches and leaves on the ground immediately caught fire and set ablaze, isolating Victor from the rest of the wolves in front of him.

From the emitting light, Victor saw the dart pierce into the alpha wolf’s chest. It was what killed it in one strike.

The presence of the dart, however, meant only one thing. There was another person around besides Victor.

Seeing how the weapon mercilessly killed a beast, Victor felt rather overstrung. He couldn’t say for sure if the other person came to his rescue or was targeting him. The remaining wolves wanted to go near him, but they were obstructed by the blazing fire. Wolves were afraid of the flames.

Enduring the pain all over his body, Victor picked up a stick and walked over to the flames. He tore off the sleeve of his shirt, wrapped one end of the stick with it, and put it above the blaze enough for it to catch fire.

Just then, two more blazes flew in the direction of the wolves.

It startled the wolves and sent them fleeing away.

Victor watched sternly as the feisty beasts scattered away in fright.

Suddenly, he started to cough incessantly. Gripping the knife and stick in his hands, his gaze shifted to the fire. Under the light, he could vaguely see a figure approaching.

His jaw clenched.

Right then, his chest tightened, and he felt stuffy. Blood began to gush out of his mouth as he coughed. Cough!

It caught him off guard as he spat out a mouthful of blood.


His grip loosened, and the knife fell to the ground.

He was about to pass out and lose consciousness completely.

Before his vision blurred, however, he saw the figure coming closer.

In the next second, everything turned black as he fell to the ground in a loud thud.

When Victor regained consciousness, it was already dawn.

The brightening sky greeted his eyes as he opened them slowly. He could also hear the faint sound of trickling water from a stream not far away.

‘Am I dead?’ As Victor wondered, someone suddenly spoke near him.

“You’re finally awake.”

‘Who is it?’ Victor was bewildered.

“Hey, can you move?” Before Victor could say anything, the voice spoke again. The person looked down at him, blocking the sunlight from his view.

It was a girl. Up close, Victor could see her beauty clearly. Her eyelashes were long and pretty.

Victor looked the girl straight in the eyes for a moment.

After making sure Victor was awake, the girl looked away and walked to a nearby stone to sit down. “Are you hungry?” Do you want fruits? I picked some of these. They’re sweet.”

Victor’s whole body hurt, and his head was still in a haze.

Struggling, he supported himself to sit up. His eyes then fell on the girl.

She had short hair and wore a plain T-shirt atop casual pants. Her shoes were so muddy that their original appearance was almost unrecognizable. At one glance, one would mistake her for a boy because of how she dressed. Even though she was sitting, Victor could tell she’d stand just above his shoulders. “I’ll give you these two.” The girl threw him the fruits.

1 Victor caught the fruits instinctively.

“How long was I unconscious?” Victor asked in a slightly hoarse voice. If one didn’t listen carefully, they wouldn’t hear what he had just said.

“Not that long. Just about three or four hours.” The girl looked at him and took a bite of the fruit in her hand. A smile instantly appeared on her face because of its sweet taste. “Eat. They’re really sweet.”

Victor looked down at the fruit in his hand, but he was in so much pain to even have the appetite to eat. However, the expectant eyes of the girl in front of him made him take a bite, albeit hesitatingly.

“What do you think? Sweet, isn’t it?”

“It is,” Victor said in a low voice. “Thank you.”

“It’s nothing. If you want more, just tell me and I’ll find you more,” the girl said and continued to eat her fruit in haste.

Looking at the unusual girl up and down, Victor recalled what had happened before he passed out. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw several darts on another stone.

He was sure it was the person who saved him from the wolves last night. His savior was this beautiful girl who stood just above his shoulders and dressed like a boy.

‘Who is she? Why did she save me? What’s her reason? Did Norton send her?’

Questions flooded Victor’s mind, but the girl seemed unbothered at all. After finishing her fruit, she looked at Victor and found his fruits still there. “You don’t like them?”

Her voice took Victor out of his thoughts. “I’m just not hungry. Do you still want to eat? You can have them.”

“Are you really not going to eat?”

Victor didn’t answer and just hander her the fruits.

The girl smiled and got down from the stone she was sitting on. Taking the fruits from Victor, she said happily, “Thanks.”

Looking at the innocent face of the girl before him, Victor started to doubt the thoughts he had earlier. It was hard to associate person who saved him last night with a nice-looking girl like her.

“Where are we?” Victor asked.

“I don’t know.” The girl looked around and shrugged. “When you passed out last night, I didn’t know if you were still alive. If I left you in there, you would surely be eaten up by those wolves if they came back. So I took you here. I’m sure we are still somewhere inside the forest, though.”

The girl then rubbed her shoulders. “You are so heavy, you know. How did you get here, anyway? Did you get lost?”

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