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Captivation: Want Nothing But You Chapter 450

Captivation: Want Nothing But You Chapter 450

 He Died

“How so?” Rachel asked Joey as she tucked him in.

Joey shrugged his shoulders and shook his head. “I’m stumped, too. I simply know it.”

“Joey, do you want to stay in bed for a little longer? I’ll see the doctor and pick up some oatmeal. So that you have something to eat when you wake up.” Rachel was unable to explain to Joey that he was correct and that Victor’s life was in danger, so she was forced to shift the subject.

Joey’s arm began to hurt as the anesthesia wore off, and he grimaced.

“Mommy, it’s painful!” Joey said. “I cannot find any sleep.” Rachel felt bad for Joey after seeing his pallid face, “okay, I’ll blow it for you. Just put up with it. It will only hurt for a while.”

“Mommy, you haven’t made any promises yet.” Joey blinked his eyes and shifted the conversation back to it again.

After some hesitation, Rachel said, “I’ll record a video for you later.”

Joey grinned for the first time since he woke up when he heard Rachel’s promise. “Mommy, please assist me in blowing it out so it stops hurting.”

After the anesthesia had worn off, Joey was in so much agony that his eyes grew crimson, yet he refused to shed a single tear.

Rachel had no choice except to softly console him as she stood by him.

Joey eventually slept off after some time, probably because he was exhausted or numb from the discomfort. Rachel walked out of the ward around four o’clock in the morning. The hallway of the ward was quite dim. Nurses working at the nursing station couldn’t keep their eyes open and ended up falling asleep.

After a long day, Rachel must be fatigued.

In her body, she could sense that it was urging her to go to sleep.

But that was not about to happen.


The doors of the elevator gently slid open.

Rachel didn’t realize until now that she had reached the floor where Victor was receiving the operation. 1

Still, the operating room’s door remained locked and the red words “in operation” were still displayed.

“Miss Bennet.” After hearing the elevator doors open, Lukas turned around and spotted Rachel.

Rachel exited the elevator and greeted him in a sleepy voice.

They exchanged a gaze, she could see the white hair on his temples at a glimpse in the dim light. For no apparent reason, she felt that Lukas had aged significantly.

“How is Joey doing, Miss Bennet?” Lukas inquired with concern. “I’m genuinely concerned about Mr. Sullivan; I didn’t go visit Joey right away.”

“He’s in good condition. However, the anesthetic was worn off and his arm started hurting. He just dozed off,” Rachel explained.

“That is good news.” while he exhaled a sigh of relief, Lukas’ expression remained grave.

Rachel questioned, “Lukas… when did you get here?”

“I arrived a little later since I needed to pack Mr. Sullivan’s clothing.” Lukas wished he could grin, but he failed. “When I came, I saw Mr. Jimenez and Mr. Torres leaving.”

Rachel approximated the time upon hearing this.

Lukas had been present for eight or nine hours, meaning the procedure had taken about ten hours, and it was still ongoing. 1

“There’s nothing wrong with you taking a break, Miss Bennet. Do you need a rest? You’re not in such good shape either,” Lukas said, concerned.

“I’m all right. Right now, a look will do me way better.”

Lukas nodded and then turned to face the operation room’s closed door. “I pray that Mr. Sullivan comes out of this victorious.”

Rachel remained silent as she looked away.

Carson sat on a bench with his head down and his elbow resting on his thigh.

Knowing that Rachel’s ankle was hurt, Lukas advised her to take a seat on the bench.

Rachel knew Lukas would continue to pay attention to her if she insisted on standing there. This time, she didn’t say no. she nodded before taking a seat on the bench.

As soon as she sat down, Carson abruptly said, “It’s been sixteen years since he spent that much time in the operating room.”

Rachel was taken aback, she finally figured out to whom Carson was alluding after some time.

Sixteen years ago…

Victor was only fourteen years old at the time.

Carson went on before she could respond. “The procedure lasted two days and two nights. That operation involved the participation of ten highly regarded experts. Mrs. Sullivan did everything in her power to keep him alive. But even the most renowned surgeon in the world shook his head and indicated that Victor couldn’t be rescued at that moment. Victor’s injuries were severe. The fact that he had been able to continue breathing with all said and done was a miracle.”

Such phrases would seldom be uttered by doctors. They wouldn’t say such things if they could rescue Victor. Victor couldn’t be saved since they said it.

Carson lifted his head up. His eyes were red because he had stayed up too late and was exhausted.

He sat back and gazed at the ceiling. “Vic, on the other hand, survived. Two days and two nights, Mrs. Sullivan stayed outside the operating room and waited. She had signed the critical illness notification six times at the time.”

Rachel’s recollection of Carolyn dwindled with time.

However, she was able to recall the scene in the garden where Carolyn, dressed in a cheongsam, stood with a stick and smiled. Rachel could not envision the situation when Carolyn stood outside the surgery room after hearing Carson’s description.

Six critical illness notifications

She had only signed one of those. The moment she signed it, she was overcome with despair and found it difficult to take a breath, she couldn’t even hold the pen in her hand.

At that moment, Carolyn had signed it six times and had been disappointed six times.

Rachel eventually managed to calm herself and ask, “How did he get harmed last time?”

“A kidnapping,” Carson answered.

When Rachel heard the word, her heart fell.

“I thought he was sent to study abroad when he was fourteen, right?” Rachel asked. How could Victor go overseas if he had been abducted and injured so severely? “He was unable to leave the hospital for two years because of the abduction.” Carson swiveled around to face Rachel. “What do you think of the possibility of Victor studying abroad in such a situation? Well, Mr. Sullivan hired someone to disguise as Victor and study abroad.”

“What occurred after that? what happened to the kidnapper?” Rachel asked.

“He died today,” Carson said, smiling.

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