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Captivation: Want Nothing But You Chapter 448

Captivation: Want Nothing But You Chapter 448

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Carson’s words made Rachel feel a little better.

Carson, however, quickly added, “But…”

Again, Rachel’s heart went down in her chest. “But what?”

“The small boy has an arm injury.” Carson tapped the tip of his nose with a small twist of his index finger. “His forearm is fractured, but there is no cause for alarm. After a few months, he’ll be back to normal. It wasn’t a major issue, according to the doctor.”

Rachel pursed her lips and regarded Carson, whose face had grown scarlet after being struck. It dawned on her that she’d been acting a little too rashly just now.

“Carson. I’m very sorry about that smack,” she said.

1 Carson was taken aback for a second. He gazed into her eyes while touching his face. He gasped in anguish. Rachel hit him a lot harder than he expected.

It was not like he didn’t earn it. It was he who brought Joey out, giving Norton’s men the opportunity they had.

“It’s not a big deal. I’ll go back and put some ice on it.” Carson said dismissively.

Rachel kept her mouth shut as she narrowed her gaze. Roger was anxious about her injured ankle. He said softly, “Rachel, you may rest easy now that Joe is doing well. I’ll ask my sister to bring a set of her clothing so that you may get changes and get treatment for your ankle injury.”

Carson sucked the blood from the corner of his lips, took a glance at Roger, and placed his coat over Rachel’s shoulders after hearing Roger’s comments.

“Mr. Jimenez couldn’t be wrong. You’d best get changed beforehand. Even yet, the rain hasn’t stopped. If I recall properly, the office of Dr. Jimenez is quite far from here, isn’t it? I’m not sure we should disturb her. I’ll have someone bring you a patient’s gown so that you can change into it. Since Joe has just received the anesthesia, it’s unlikely that he’ll awaken very soon.”

Roger was going to put his coat on Rachel when Carson took the initiative.

He slipped his coat over his arm and turned to face Carson, their eyes meeting in mid-air.

Carson arched his brows at him before returning his gaze to Rachel. He had to be wary of Roger for Victor’s sake.

Carson breathed a sigh of relief. Having such a good buddy like him was a real blessing for Victor.

Rachel’s mind was occupied with Joey at this point, so she was oblivious to Roger and Carson’s scuffle. She just responded with a nod.

Soon, the nurse brought Rachel a dry hospital gown and led Rachel to the changing room.

Carson was relieved to see Rachel enter the dressing room and remarked to Roger and Andy, “You are now free to see Joe. The fifth floor is where he’s being admitted.”

Leaning against the wall, he unfastened his collar. It was a gray and dreary day, with a brisk wind outside. A half-open window didn’t alleviate his suffocation.

The operation room’s locked door was opened again a short distance away.

A flurry of medical personnel rushed in and closed the door behind them.

Andy nodded in agreement after hearing Carson’s words. While Roger waited for Rachel to change, he went to Joey’s ward to see how he was doing.

Roger could see the physicians and nurses entering and exiting the surgery room.

“How’s Mr. Sullivan doing?” Roger inquired.

Carson didn’t respond right away when he heard this. After a while, he finally answered, “I wouldn’t know for sure.”

He wasn’t sure at all.

When the explosion occurred, he was on the ground floor. Since he didn’t know whether there were any additional explosives in the area, another explosion could happen at any moment. Because of this, he was left with little choice except to remain quiet and wait for the police.

After he delivered the command, his men discovered Joey and Victor unconscious in the open area under a window.

They leaped out of the window just in time to avoid being hit by the blast, but they were both badly injured and knocked out.

Victor had a more severe injury. His arms wrapped around Joey to keep him safe.

Victor was drenched in blood when Carson arrived. Apparently, he wasn’t totally spared by the blast. Furthermore, he struck his head on a stone as he tumbled to the ground.

He was on the verge of death when he was rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Rachel heard Carson reply “I don’t know” after she had changed her clothing and treated the wound on her ankle.

Roger saw her almost right away. “Rachel, how’s that wound now?” he said after he turned around.

“I’d say better.” Rachel nodded and glanced down at the coat she was holding. Carson went over just as she was going to return it to him.

“Wear it. I asked my people to purchase some warm soup and send it to Joey’s ward. You should get some as well.”

“Thank you,” Rachel responded after a little pause.

“It doesn’t matter. Joe was harmed because of my carelessness, after all,” said Carson.

Despite her desire to ask about Victor as she stared at the closed door of the operation room, Rachel remained silent. Instead, she said, “I’ll see Joe first.”

Roger was concerned about her ankle. “Rachel, you just attended to your wound. Shall I carry you there?” The operating room door was opened as soon as Rachel said no, and a doctor rushed out in a hurry.

“Is Victor Sullivan’s family here?”

Rachel came to a halt. When she heard Victor’s name, she shook and her heart appeared to stop for a second. She didn’t even recognize it.

“He’s my family.” Carson approached.

“He’s in critical condition after suffering a bleed in his chest. We’re doing our best, but you should be ready for any eventuality.” As he spoke, the doctor flipped open the folder. “This is the critical illness notification. You may sign your name in the space provided.”

A serious illness alert.

Rachel’s eyes widened as she turned around.

Carson was taken aback as well. He forced a smile and asked, “Are you kidding me? Is this a joke?”

“Nobody will make light of such a serious matter. Time is not in our favor, sir. Are you a member of his family? Sign here quickly, please,” the doctor advised.

“I’m not related to him,” At that point, Carson abruptly laid down the pen.

The doctor’s expression was stern. “You aren’t? Then, is there a member of his family here?”

A few feet away, Carson caught a glimpse of Rachel.

In silence, Rachel kept her lips pursed.

Roger’s eyes darkened upon seeing this. He looked Carson in the eye and stated, “Rachel and Mr. Sullivan are no longer married. She…”

“Joe is Victor’s sole remaining family member.” Carson removed the notice and pen from the doctor’s hand and gave them to Rachel. “Joe is still a minor, and you are his guardian. Thus, only you can sign this.” 

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