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Captivation: Want Nothing But You Chapter 443

Captivation: Want Nothing But You Chapter 443

We Meet Again

When the bullet exited its barrel, the guy grinned and seemed content.

That smile, however, was short-lived.

The gun in Victor’s hand fired a bullet the following instant. 1


The two bullets met in the air, and the bullet shells raced away and dropped to the floor.

Victor approached the guy before he could respond. The guy tried to shoot unconsciously, but a powerful wind blew and he was punched before he could squeeze the trigger and turned the gun on Victor.

Due to him not gripping his gun well, he dropped the gun and the ammo clip fell out.

Victor hit the guy so hard that he staggered before he could regain his footing. And there was blood dripping from the man’s mouth.

Spitting out blood, he then lifted his hand to wipe away the smear of blood on the side of his lips before gazing at Victor.

After all these years, it was the first time he’d run across someone this difficult. After working as a mercenary for so long, he was enraged. After a brief pause, the guy proceeded to assault Victor with his fists clenched.

Despite the fact that he was unarmed, he had no fear of the gun that Victor was holding.

So what if Victor had a weapon? He had seen a lot of stuff! Even if Victor had a gun, he believed he could take him out!

He assaulted Victor with speed and ruthlessness, leaving little space for Victor to fire. As if the hit had reminded him of his treatment in the Roaring Tiger over the years, maybe the man’s stored reluctance and fury could no longer be held, so he poured them out with his fists.

In the past, he had spent half a year in the ungoverned areas before eventually making it into the Roaring Tiger. He was taken into the Roaring Tiger by his boss. He was overjoyed to be able to join the Roaring Tiger, one of the top three mercenary groups, and was expecting great things. In fact, he intended to put in a lot of effort with his boss.

His boss had been marginalized by internal struggle inside the Roaring Tiger and even he had become a non- essential part of the Roaring Tiger. Even though he put forth a lot of effort and even risked his life to finish several assignments, he was still seen as a failure! As a result, he was thereafter limited to menial jobs, such as kidnapping a child.

He would have scoffed at such a job in the past.

Now, though, if he did not take it, he would be broke.

The man’s rage grew as he contemplated that. His eyes were a deep shade of red. Furthermore, he savagely and brutally assaulted Victor without regard for any rules.

Another blow was thrown!

Victor had no choice but to lift his arm in order to deflect the hit. He landed a heavy blow on Victor’s forearm. After Victor’s forearm started shaking and hurting, the gun he was holding dropped to the floor.

Despite the agony in his arm, Victor had little time to think about it, as the guy assaulted him again.

Victor retreated two paces since he was at a disadvantage. After a few punches, he realized the guy was vulnerable. This dude was clearly incompetent. He relied on raw force and impulsiveness. The more impulsive the guy became, the more likely he was to expose his vulnerability.

He was going to hit Victor again as he said, “Burn in hell!” In Victor’s eyes, there was nothing but a palpable chill. He lifted his hand to stop the punch that was going to strike him in the temple. The guy hit Victor in the abdomen after Victor instantly grabbed and yanked the attacker’s arm. Victor then launched the assailant to the floor.


His back slammed to the floor, sending him sprawling.

He fought to stand up, but Victor stepped in front of him before he could stand completely. The guy glanced up and saw that Victor had already retrieved the gun that had fallen to the floor.

Victor was aiming the gun towards the man’s forehead and pushing the trigger with his index finger at this point. Insofar as Victor continued to squeeze the trigger more, the bullet would go right through the man’s skull and out the other side.

Nothing could have saved him from this.

“Do yourself a favor and tell me where Joey is!” Victor said in a cold voice.

“Do you mean the tiny boy?” he said, spitting blood from his lips. “He’s gone. He’s a goner!”


Another thunderous rumble could be heard in the distance. The white lightning blasted through the black clouds and swept over the faces of the two individuals. The guy was in excruciating agony all over when he fell and realized he couldn’t get the upper hand. But on the other hand, he hadn’t fought anybody in a long time and finally had a nice battle after so long. The rage and resentment he felt in his heart had lessened a little.

There was no resistance in the man’s demeanor. “I was defeated. You can take my life now.” Afterward, he shut his eyes.

In the back of the man’s hand, Victor saw a tattoo in the form of a tiger’s head. Because the ink was so light, he should have gotten rid of it. Angry at being left out and seeing his leader and himself neglected, the guy decided to remove the tattoo as a method of expressing his frustrations with the Roaring Tiger.

For the sake of his leader, who had saved his life, the man remained in the Roaring Tiger.

He was once pleased to be a Roaring Tiger mercenary, but now everyone in the Roaring Tiger loathed him.

Victor was well-versed in the ins and outs of accepting assignments, and he was also aware of the man’s waning motivation to fight. Regardless of whether he killed the man or not, the man would not reveal Joey’s whereabouts to him.

He pulled the trigger further.

“Wait!” A voice suddenly emanated through the door.

The man who had just taken Joey upstairs was now standing at the door.

A pair of sunglasses were on the leader’s face, and when Victor looked into his eyes, he grinned. “Mr. Sullivan, it’s been a while since we’ve seen each other.”

A sudden change in his demeanor occurred when Victor saw the leader’s face.

“So, it’s you!” Victor’s words were frigid.

“Boss…” The guy called his superior.

The leader gazed at the guy who fell to the floor before turning to face Victor. “There is a good chance that you still recall me. It’s been fifteen years since we last saw one other. You were just a kid then. But you have grown so fast over the years.”

“Who is responsible for the kidnapping?” Victor inquired, his tone stem.

“You ought to be conversant with our policies, Mr. Sullivan. However, I’m willing to work anything out,” the leader said.

Squinting his eyes, Victor said, “Is that so?”

“Drop my subordinate,” the boss said. “As a trade, I’ll allow you to see that kid for the last time.”

The leader then activated the security footage on his smartphone and presented it to Victor.

On the surveillance footage, Joey’s wrists and feet were bound and his eyes were covered. At his ankle was a small timer that was constantly ticking away.

“Let go of my subordinate now, and there’s an hour to spend with that youngster,” the leader said as he put down his phone and grinned. “Mr. Sullivan, what do you think?”

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