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Captivation: Want Nothing But You Chapter 440

Captivation: Want Nothing But You Chapter 440

A Tattoo

Roger was at a loss for words. He stared at Rachel in a daze for some time before he said disbelievingly, “Rachel, what did you just say?”

“The baby didn’t die four years ago. I bribed the doctor to perform a fake operation.” Rachel looked at Roger comprehensively. “That baby is Joey.”

She couldn’t have possibly meant what she just said. Roger refused to believe it.

Lukas soon came in with the laptop and handed it to Rachel. Gradually, Roger got over his shock. He longed to say a lot of things, but he just couldn’t do that at the moment. Not when all of Rachel’s attention was on the laptop. She didn’t even notice that Roger had been looking at her strangely.

She quickly inserted the USB flash drive into the computer and opened the file that contained the surveillance video.

Since the surveillance camera of the Jimenez Group was facing its gate, the monitoring area was limited. The video only went on for about one minute. From the left side, the black commercial vehicle could be seen passing the Jimenez Group.

Andy stood behind the sofa and equally watched the video attentively. He noticed that the business vehicle they hadn’t suspected was parked in a comer. “Joey had been targeted the moment he stepped out.”

Rachel paused the video and tried zooming the vehicle in the video to see better.

But the more the picture was enlarged, the blurrier it became, when it could no longer be zoomed, the only thing they could see was someone’s vague figure.

“We can’t even tell who the person in the car is. Is it a man or a woman?” Andy frowned. “If only we could improve the definition of the video.”

‘Improve the definition…’

Without uttering a single word, Rachel looked at the blurry black commercial vehicle in the video, and used the shortcut key to take a screenshot of it.

Finally keeping the story he just heard to rest for a while, Roger immediately reacted to Andy’s suggestion. “The Jimenez Group has hired several big shot talents in information technology the past few years. I can give it to them, so that they work on it.”

Andy took another look at the blurry picture and said, “That’ll be great! I’m sorry if it’s any trouble for…”

“I can do it myself,” Rachel said, cutting Andy off before he could finish talking.

Both Roger and Andy snapped their heads at the same time to look at her in surprise.

Rachel was typing very quickly on the keyboard. The laptop’s screen was divided into two parts; the screenshot of the vehicle on the right side, and a series of complicated codes on the left.

The more she typed and the codes appeared on the screen, the screenshot on the right side got clear surprisingly quickly.

“Miss Bennet…” Andy trailed off, not knowing exactly how to applaud her expertise.

Roger was equally baffled by what he just witnessed. Granted, he didn’t know much about these complicated codes, but he knew just by looking at them that they weren’t simple. A newbie could not have done such, especially repair a picture with such a low definition.

He was practically sure that even the talents in the information technology department trained by the Jimenez Group couldn’t pull off what Rachel just did effortlessly.

Roger’s eyes darkened considerably as his gaze fell on Rachel.

He just realized something he never thought was possible. He didn’t know Rachel as well as he thought he did. He had always thought that he knew who she was. He had loved Rachel for so many years that, he knew what she liked to eat, and what she liked to do. He knew when she was offended and when she cried. He always knew when she was happy. He used to think that he knew everything there was to know about Rachel.

But right now, in that instant, he wasn’t so sure anymore. He had never known Rachel was good in information technology. Now, he just found out that she was extremely good and talented in that field.

When the codes were complete, the screenshot became clearer and they could finally see something that could be of use to them. It wasn’t much, but they could see the side of the driver’s face.

“Who could that be?” Andy voiced out everyone’s question.

Roger followed Andy’s gaze and looked at the screenshots. Looking at it closer, he noticed a tattoo the shape of a tiger’s head on the driver’s hand.

“This tattoo…” Roger whispered in a deep voice as he twisted his face in concentration.

While Roger was thinking, Victor received a high- definition picture from Wallace, when he opened it, the same tattoo immediately attracted his and Carson’s attention.

“A tattoo with the shape of a tiger’s head…” Carson frowned. “It looks like the person behind this kidnapping has really put a lot of money into this. They could afford to hire a mercenary to kidnap a child.”

There were always some places in the world that had no government or rules whatsoever. To these people, human life had no value, and as such, surviving was always a battle. If anyone got into that society, there was no way they could leave unharmed unless they associated themselves with the evil people there.

Some people had once wanted to do something about such zones, but the price they had to pay to succeed was just too high.

The more chaotic and lacking in rules these places were, the less human life mattered. Needless to say, mercenaries enjoyed living in such places. They relished in such an atmosphere and environment where they owed no one nothing. Mercenaries were said to be soldiers, but in fact, most of them were outlaws who were willing to do anything at all for money. The tattoo with the shape of a tiger’s head was the symbol of the Roaring Tiger, one of the most famous mercenary organizations in the world.

The Roaring Tiger had tens of thousands of mercenaries all over the world. However, it was very rare to find them in Apliaria.

Carson had only ever heard rumors of them. He had never really had to deal with them.

Victor stopped looking at the picture, dialed a number and said coldly into the phone, “Check out all the people who came into Apliaria in the past six months and get me their information. I want this in less than ten minutes.”

As Victor was dropping the call, Carson received one from his subordinate.

“I just spoke with an old man living nearby, and he said he had seen the black commercial vehicle. Apparently, it drove around this place for some time, then drove to the south of the city along the countryside road.” After staying for a while on the phone, Carson hung up the phone and looked at Victor keenly. “The south of the city is filled with surveillance cameras. They might go there but won’t enter the city that way. Added to that, the countryside roads are bad and it’s daytime now. They know that if they drive on the countryside roads, it would be easy to get a hold of them. I doubt they’ve gone too far.”

Carson asked his men to open the electronic map, then quickly marked the countryside road to the south of the city in red with a touch screen pen. ‘They should be somewhere around here with Joey.’

Both of Victor and Carson headed out, not daring to talk, but fixing their eyes on the road they had marked in red.



Carson and Victor exclaimed at the same time while pointing at the same place.

There was no other place they could possibly be on the countryside road. Also, people in Apliaria had been rebuilding in the suburbs in the past few years, forcing most residents to evacuate. If they weren’t in this guesthouse, then the kidnapper was nowhere else around here.


It was a message from Victor’s subordinate. He had found out the driver’s identity and information.

“This should be it. But we can’t go there just like that. Mercenaries prefer their money to their lives. They should obviously be in possession of guns…” Carson trailed off when he looked up to find out that Victor was not around him.

His head abruptly snapped when he heard the sound of a car going full force behind him.

Victor turned Maybach around and drove towards the countryside road in the south of the city.

“Hey there! Dinner is ready!” The man who spoke kicked Joey who was curled up in a ball on the sofa, when Joey didn’t move, he snorted harshly, “Get up right now! Don’t play dead with me! Eat so that we can leave.”

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