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Captivation: Want Nothing But You Chapter 436

Captivation: Want Nothing But You Chapter 436

A Gift For You 

Victor’s steps came to a halt, but only for a split second.

Susan stumbled and then caught up with him as he was ready to leave the ward. Ivan, on the other hand, halted

her just two steps later. “Ivan, send someone to watch her movement,” Victor instructed. “She can’t go before tonight’s wedding.” “I’ll see to it, Mr. Sullivan.” Ivan nodded as he stood in front of Susan.

Susan’s eyes went crimson as a result of her nervousness, Victor was capable of such a thing, and she was well

aware of that.

“No! I refuse to marry him! I’m not interested in marrying Odin. That’s not possible! You can’t… ” Suddenly, Susan paused. “I know where Joey is. Aren’t you eager to learn of her whereabouts?” Victor turned around and looked at her with disdain. Susan said with trepidation, “Don’t be one with a heart hard as nails. Would let your own son die?” About ten minutes ago, Susan thought Victor would give in to her pleadings for Joey. But when she saw Victor’s icy demeanor, she was terrified.

Without hesitation, the guy in front of her had the power to make her marry “a dead man.” It was possible that a man with such callousness wouldn’t give a damn about the life of his own kid. Susan panicked.

She was beginning to regret it.


She didn’t want to marry Odin even though he was still breathing. What was the purpose of marrying him? Everyone in Apliaria saw Odin as dead! She would instantly become a widow in the view of the people around her. In the end, even if Odin returned to the Sullivan family, Victor would not let him go. Her situation would only worsen. Victor would still seek vengeance against her for Joey’s disappearance, even if he couldn’t give one care about Joey. As a result, she didn’t want to get married to Odin. “Susan Salazar!” After a lengthy silence, Victor finally said in a voice so calm it terrified everyone around.

Susan swallowed hard and said, “No, I don’t want to marry Odin. What if I told you where Joey is?”

“There’s no need for that,” Víctor sternly said,

Susan glanced at him with a pale face and an expression of astonishment. “Are you really not curious? That’s your son for God’s sake!” “I really am curious about it, but you don’t have any idea where he is.” Victor’s phone buzzed as soon as he finished speaking. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and saw messages from Carson. He sent him two messages. “What? You are wrong! I know where he is!” Susan was astounded when she heard this. Victor opened his phone and then tapped the message. The first one was a location. Then, the text message said, “I’ve located it. The automobile was last spotted here. We should be able to locate them shortly.” “Victor, you can’t locate Joey without me.” Fingernails penetrated Susan’s skin as she clenched her fists. Her-body

was stiff throughout. “I promise to tell you if you cancel the wedding.” | “Susan, who told you that Joey is my son?” Victor asked her,

Susan’s expression shifted dramatically.

Victor’s voice was icy and hushed as he spoke. “From the second all this started, you didn’t know I was looking for

Joey, did you? There is no way you know where Joey is. You had no idea he is missing too.” “What? No…” “By the way, who informed you that Joey is my child?” Victor looked at her deep in the eye.

“I… I…” “Ivan, be on the lookout for her! Tonight, the wedding will take place!” Victor walked away from Susan as soon as he completed his comments before she had time to respond. The ward’s door banged shut with a thud. Suddenly, Susan felt as though she was lost in her own universe. She didn’t believe what had just happened. Ivan summoned his men and instructed them to keep watch outside the ward’s entrance. Then he left the ward and started preparations for tonight’s wedding. Susan was unable to keep her balance any longer and fell to the floor. Her vision was blurred. She wasn’t able to get her bearings until her phone rang for an extended period of time. • Susan picked up the phone in a trance and activated the speaker on her phone by mistake. “Susan!” On the phone, Tammy was hoarse and sobbing. “Your father…” As soon as Susan heard the words “your father,” her eyes widened, but Tammy’s following words broke her heart.

Tammy couldn’t resist crying at this point. “He’s dead!”

Susan was no longer thinking straight after hearing the words. “Susan, hurry up!” Tammy’s voice lingered in her head long after the phone had been disconnected. James had popped his clogs There was no longer a living father figure in her life. Susan’s ears were ringing nonstop with those words. Surely, that couldn’t be!

She assumed that Victor was simply bluffing and that he wouldn’t actually send James out of the hospital. However, her father had died. Susan got to her feet slowly. She was skeptical. For her own peace of mind, she needed to see herself. That had to be a filthy lie! Her father? Dead? No way! She was ready to hurry out after opening the door. She was instantly halted from leaving by the two guys in black. “Miss Salazar, please return to your ward.” “Get out of my path! I’m desperate to see my father! Give me the way!” “Miss Salazar, return to your ward immediately!” They didn’t respond to Susan’s wrath even though she was beating them. “We have to be rude if you go on like this.”

Susan’s hair was all over her face and chaotic in every aspect. She glanced at the guys in front of her and saw the water-drop-shaped pins on their uniforms, which represented the Sullivan Group’s security business. She had an epiphany about something. Susan dashed back to the ward, where she shut the door behind her. She made her way back to the spot where she had been sitting, barefoot. As soon as she picked up her phone, she opened her call log. Her hands trembled as she searched.

In the end, she was able to track out the phone number and give it a call. Before anybody picked up, the phone rang twice. “Susan.” In a lighthearted tone, the guy spoke. “What’s up? Do you like the present I got you? Please tell me you love it!”

“Odin,” Susan said as she knelt on the floor, her gaze fixed on the screen. “Do you remember saying that you could

help me? Is there a reason why this happened? What have you done?”

“You seem to be unimpressed by this pleasant surprise.”

“Odin Sullivan! It was you, after all! You abducted Joey, right? My dad is no more! It was you! You murdered my father! Is that what you call a surprise?! How can you manipulate me, Odin?”

“Manipulate? No, that isn’t the right term, sweetie. I only wanted to provide a hand,” Odin said with a jovial grin.

“Sorry to hear about your father’s passing. As an apology, I’ve arranged for you to receive a present.”

“What gift?” Susan was confused.

A nurse and the guards were having a conversation outside the ward at the time. “Do you have any business here?” “Miss Salazar needs her medication. That’s why I’m here. It’s time for her to take her medication.”

The guards surveyed the nurse from head to toe. “Once you’ve given her the medication, please exit the room immediately.”

One of the guards opened the door as soon as he finished speaking. Susan, in the meantime, turned her head to the door.

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