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Captivation: Want Nothing But You Chapter 433

Captivation: Want Nothing But You Chapter 433

You Are Killing Him 

“Nothing” Victor’s eyes were devoid of emotion. As his voice faded, he lowered his hand and hung up the phone. The car drove straight to the intersection, then turned left. They were heading for the hospital at a fast pace. After he hung up, Victor proceeded to check his mailbox on the phone. A message bubble appeared as soon as he opened it, saying, “You have new mail.”

He noticed the sender’s headline with the capitalized words “Paternity Testing Center.”

“His fingertip halted above the screen as he stared at these words. He didn’t open the email right away.

He was full of hesitation.

After a twenty-minute drive, the Maybach finally arrived at the hospitals inpatient section. The driver came to a complete stop, raised his eyes to the rearview mirror, and spoke respectfully. “Mr. Sullivan, we are here.”

“Okay,” Victor responded in a nasal tone. Although they’d reached the hospital, he had no intention of getting out yet. He looked outside for a second but returned his gaze to his phone. The driver waited for a while, but Victor had not made any noise. He looked in the rearview mirror again and saw that he was preoccupied with something on his phone. Then, his expression changed, and the atmosphere in the car suddenly changed as well, becoming quite unpleasant and unsettling. “Mr. Sullivan?” The driver shuddered and called his name in a cautious manner.

Victor’s grip on the phone was gradually becoming tighter, the veins on his hand protruding due to the pressure. Finally, he decided to open the email.

He had never felt so nervous before. The content loaded, and Victor’s gaze was drawn to the upper right corner of the file, where his and Joey’s names were listed. He then moved to the bottom part of the report and was caught off guard by the words written. “The probability of the father-son relationship between Victor Sullivan and Joey Bennet is 99.99%.” Joey was really his son In an instant, Victor felt completely overwhelmed. Rachel didn’t lie to him. Joey was truly his child!

Victor’s heart was beating like a drum and he felt himself go numb. How could it be possible? At that moment, memories came flooding, taking him back to their first meeting.

The little boy who writhed in pain after he was scratched by Katie was his son. His hands were slightly trembling, and inside his heart was a whirlwind of emotions. There was confusion, joy, and a bit of fear.

The minute Ivan got the message from the driver, he dashed downstairs to greet him. Then, he saw the Maybach’s door flung open as he made his way down the stairs. Victor came out of the car and stepped forward with his lean and long legs. “Mr. Sullivan…”

Before Ivan could finish his words, Victor had already walked past him and went straight inside. :

He paused for a moment and gave the driver a puzzled look. The driver stood by the car and shook his head, gesturing that he also had no idea what was going on.

Ivan sighed faintly and looked up at the sky. It was a little dark, indicating that there could be a storm brewing.

He quickly realized that he had no time to lose. so he turned around and followed Victor into the elevator. Where

is she?” Victor asked as the elevator door closed, his voice low and cold.

He was referring to Susan.

“Mrs. Salazar has woken up, and Susan has returned to her ward,” Ivan replied, observing the look on Victor’s face

from the corner of his eyes. The air surrounding him was frigid. Ivan could sense it since he was standing close to him. If the elevator ride went long enough, Ivan was afraid that the situation would get even worse. What on earth happened?

Ivan then remembered the email Victor requested. Could it be because of that? What was in that file? While Ivan was lost in thought, the elevator stopped.

In the ward

Susan had been anxious the entire time until she went back to the ward and shut the door behind her. In fact, she knew that Victor’s men were keeping an eye on her in the dark. Now that she was inside the room, she breathed a sigh of relief after making sure that no one could see her. She sat on the edge of the bed, her mind still in shambles. She took out her phone and stared at the photo Odin had sent her. She bit her lower lip and felt excited and terrified at the same time. She was really looking forward to witnessing the regretful look on Victor’s face after learning the truth. However, she couldn’t stay calm either. She didn’t have any idea what exactly Odin had done. This unknown feeling frightened her.

Susan couldn’t help herself. She called Odin in the end.

No one answered. Her heart began to beat rapidly and irregularly. When she was about to make another call, the door suddenly opened. Suzan froze in place before slowly rising, her legs trembling slightly as she turned to the door. Her face turned ghastly pale when she saw the man who was standing at the entrance. “V…” Filled with guilt and panic, Susan instinctively hid the phone behind her back while looking at the two people at the door. “Victor,” she said in a trembling voice. “Where is he?” Susan gripped her phone tightly. Victor walked toward her, and she took a few steps back. She forced a smile and tried to make herself look normal. “What are you talking about?”

“I’m almost at my limit, Susan.” With a big stride, Victor backed her against the wall. He glanced down at her with a disdainful look. “Tell me where he is.”

Susan felt the blood drain from her face. Even when nobody was strangling her, she still couldn’t breathe properly. The air around Victor was oppressive and suffocating. Susan was powerless before him. “I… I don’t know what you mean…”

Without any warning, Victor put Susan in a chokehold. “Susan, I warned you not to push my buttons. You’re not going to tell me? I’d like to see how long you’ll last!” Victor released her from his grip with great force. Ivan approached them and handed Victor a piece of wet wipe. With a poker face, he proceeded to wipe the hand that had just touched Susan. “Ivan.” Victor’s eyes were sharp and terrifying. “Immediately apply for a freeze on the Salazar family’s assets and tell the hospital to cease James’ treatment right away.” 1 Susan lost her balance and her body slammed against the wall. Victor’s words were ringing in her ears, and she was scared stiff.

“Yes, sir.” Ivan nodded and immediately took out his phone, ready to contact the hospital and the Sullivan Group’s lawyer.

During this period of time, the Salazar family’s finances were in severe shortage. Because of it, James was in low spirits and had fallen ill, if the problem wasn’t handled properly, the Salazar family would fall into hundreds of millions of dollars in debt.

And the only reason why the Salazar family could still sustain its business despite its current situation was that the Sullivan Group hadn’t taken action yet.

Victor had an evil habit when it came to his prey. He wouldn’t kill them all at once, robbing them of their last hope. Instead, he would give them a ray of hope for survival before slowly extinguishing it all, torturing his prey mercilessly

But now, Victor clearly ran out of patience.

Once the treatment was terminated, James’ life would be in grave danger. “You can’t do that, Victor!” Sụsan screamed piercingly, her pupils dilated. She reached out to grab Ivan’s phone despite the pain in her back. Ivan swerved, causing Susan to miss and fall on the bed. Her hair was all over the place. She tried to get up with her hands against the bed, but before she could say anything, she heard Ivan giving out orders through the phone. Not long after, her phone rang. It was her mother. Tammy was stammering on the other end of the line. “Susan, the nurses said your father was going to leave the hospital. What happened? What’s going on? You can’t pull out his ventilator! Tell me why you’re doing this! Stop!” Susan heard Tammy and the nurses arguing on the phone. It was pure chaos.

“James! James! Please, please help him!” Tammy’s heartbreaking words rang in her ears. “Don’t do this! You can’t leave him like this!” Susan! They turned off your father’s ventilator. What should we do?! Why is this happening?” Susan trembled all over when she heard Tammy’s desperate voice. She stared at the merciless and cold blooded man in front of her.

No, he was not a human being. He was the devil himself.

“Miss Salazar, your father’s condition took a turn for the worse, and he won’t be able to hold on for more than ten minutes once the device stops.” Ivan reminded her. “A minute has passed, and you have nine minutes to think about it.” “You’re killing him!” Susan said, her eyes red and swollen.

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