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Captivation: Want Nothing But You Chapter 431

Captivation: Want Nothing But You Chapter 431

 Your Child 

“What did you say?” Victor asked and was a little stunned. Rachel was murmuring, and he could only hear the word “regret.” Rachel raised her eyes to meet his, and after a moment, she withdrew her gaze and said, “Nothing.” Victor’s dark eyes were fixed on Rachel for quite some time. He felt that she was saying something important, but

since she didn’t want to talk about it anymore, he no longer asked.

He loosened his grip on Rachel’s shoulder, then squatted down in front of her.

Victor lifted Rachel’s injured ankle and placed it onto his thigh.

He took a swab and dipped it in rubbing alcohol. He gently held her ankle in place and started cleaning the blood

around the wound delicately.

Her ankle was pale white and slender, highlighting the scarlet blood that had gushed out from the gaping cut.

Gazing at the bloody wound, Victor’s face dimmed and wore an expression she couldn’t read. He then put the ointment on Rachel’s ankle. She bit her lip and retracted her leg as it touched the wound. The ointment was a little cold to the skin, and Rachel felt the stinging pain. She was squirming and tried to avoid it subconsciously

“It’ll only take a minute,” Victor whispered in a low and hoarse voice, pressing his hand against her ankle. He did it as gently as possible. Rachel bit her lower lip harder until it turned pale. She didn’t say anything or made any movements. After applying the ointment and treating the wound, Victor placed her foot down. He stood up and put the tube back into the medicine kit. Glancing at his back, Rachel kept thinking about Joey. She didn’t know what to do if something terrible had happened to him. All she knew was that she would go crazy. Although she didn’t want to admit it, Victor was right about one thing this time. Even if she hurried out to find Joey, where would she even start? Maybe she could check the monitoring system…

However, she already did that four years ago. She had explored the entire system of Apliaria, but failed to find Abby in time. She took out her phone and dialed Joey’s number once more.

But this time, it wasn’t in an unanswered state. It was disconnected with a double beep. Rachel was in disbelief.

His phone could still be reached around half an hour ago.

Rachel couldn’t stand it any longer. She hung up and went straight to open the hacker software, searching for Joey’s watch signal.

A dark blue prompt box popped up on the screen. The Al operator remarked, “Sorry, the watch signal has not been detected yet.” When Victor turned around, he noticed that Rachel kept calling, and the electronic voice rang in his ears. She was calling Joey. The signal was cut off again, and the phone was left unanswered. Seeing that Rachel had planned on dialing again, Victor reached out and grabbed her wrist. “Don’t do it.” Rachel looked up at him.

She had been bowing her head just now, so Victor couldn’t see her face at all. When she raised her head, he was taken aback to see the tears in her eyes.

Victor was in a daze; he hadn’t expected Rachel to cry.

“You…” Victor’s thin lips trembled. He reached into his pocket for a handkerchief, held her face, and wiped her tears away. For a moment, he sure felt jealous. She was anxious and scared that she couldn’t find Joey, and even cried for


It was a ridiculous feeling, he knew.

He was jealous of a little kid.

He even wondered if she would react the same when he disappeared one day. + Just then, his phone rang, interrupting his thoughts. It was a video call coming from Ivan. “What is it?” He picked it up…

“Mr. Sullivan, we’ve got something. Joey was taken away outside the Jimenez Group building by a black commercial vehicle.” Ivan was in the public security monitoring center’s room. There were dozens of screens in front of him that appeared to be the same size. All of them were now focused on that certain area in Apliaria’s downtown. “Have you found out anything about that car?” Victor asked, his eyes fixed on the screens. “We’re still on it. The people in that car are quite cunning. They’ve evaded a lot of surveillance cameras. It might take a while to locate them.” After saying that, Ivan moved to another spot and seemed to be talking with someone. “Mr. Sullivan, we’ve just found out the vehicle belongs to Salazar Group.” Victor answered the phone before Rachel, so she clearly heard what Ivan said.

Salazar Group…


Despite the pain in her ankle, Rachel stood up and was about to walk out of the room. “I see. Keep investigating.” As soon as Victor finished speaking, he saw what Rachel was up to. He ended the call immediately and stopped her at once, his eyes turning serious. “Rachel, haven’t I told you to stay still?” “It’s Susan, isn’t it? She took Joe away.” Susan had always been a scheming bitch to her. Her plan against Rachel in the Waterfront Hotel failed the last time and she got in trouble instead. Now the Salazar Group was on the verge of collapsing, and Susan’s reputation was also destroyed. What was she planning to do with Joey in this situation? Maybe she had nothing to lose now and that was why she was willing to commit another heinous act. And the reason why Susan took Joey away was because of Victor. Those who loved someone and didn’t get the same amount of feelings and effort of what they had given would turn their affection into hatred. Rachel had seen similar things before. She knew that once people were in that state, they would lose their minds and do something horrible and crazy, just to make the people they loved suffer and regret it. ** Joey was the unfortunate victim of Susan’s wrath. “Go back and sit.” Victor didn’t address her question. His tone was stiff, indicating that he was getting upset. Rachel was able to free herself from his grip. Even when she was in pain, she stood in front of him, sneering, “Sit?! Really? You want me to sit down and wait for the news? What am I supposed to wait for?! Do I have to wait for your men to come here and tell me that Joey is dead?” Victor’s eyes narrowed, but he remained silent.

“Victor, you don’t give a damn about Joey at all, do you?” Rachel snarled and clenched her fists, “Susan kidnapped him to threaten you. You’re aware of that, right?” Victor frowned. He had no idea how she had come to this conclusion. “Rachel…” “That makes sense. You’d probably be happier if Joey gets into trouble. After all, he isn’t your kid, right? He is Odin’s, and you see him as a threat and a rival for the Sullivan Group’s business. If anything goes wrong, you’d be pleased. Right, Mr. Sullivan? You only need to pretend to be sad for a period of time, then make the Salazar family pay for it. You won’t lose anything, and you’ll be able to run the Sullivan Group without problems. Such a great opportunity…” “Enough!” Victor interrupted her furiously, his face full of anger. “Rachel, do you really think i’d do something so sick

and low? That I’d sacrifice a child’s life to keep my position?” Rachel couldn’t say anything back. She choked on her sobs. In fact, she didn’t know what she was doing , She only knew she couldn’t stay still after hearing that it was Susan who took her little boy away. Although he didn’t wish for it to happen, Rachel blamed everything on Victor The blood that had previously been stopped gushed out once more. Victor helped her up and guided her to the sofa after noticing she was in too much pain to stand steadily. “Victor…” Rachel suddenly uttered. “Joey is your son.”

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